Iranian-American Dallas City Official Says He Was Stopped From Boarding Virgin Flight [Updated]

Bobby Abtahi, a Dallas attorney who also serves as the vice-chair of the City Plan Commission, tweeted Monday that Virgin Airlines wouldn’t allow him to board a flight in New York. A crew member told him the captain didn’t feel “comfortable” with him on board. Abtahi, a Dallas native, is Iranian-American. »Yesterday 7:00pm11/30/15 7:00pm


I Have Questions About This Juror Who Asked to Be Excused From Sheldon Silver's Trial

Former New York State Assemblyman and speaker Sheldon Silver is on trial for corruption, which is surprising, as long as you are very, very very easily surprised. Also a little odd: one of the jurors asked to be excused almost as soon as deliberations began, writing, “I don’t feel like I can be myself right now!” »11/24/15 3:39pm11/24/15 3:39pm

'Live From New York, a Racist Piece of Shit!': Protesters Greet Donald Trump Outside Saturday Night Live 

Late Saturday night, enlarged pee-spattered Sno-Cone and presidential candidate Donald Trump will take the stage to host Saturday Night Live. Protesters from a coalition of Latino groups gathered outside the Trump Tower this evening and marched south to 30 Rockefeller Center to express their displeasure, some carrying… »11/07/15 10:47pm11/07/15 10:47pm

A Record Number of Female Firefighters Are Joining the FDNY This Year 

A record number of women are now New York City firefighters, with four new women set to complete the punishing probationary period and testing to graduate on Friday. They include a single mom, a former Marine, an electrician, and a woman who trained alongside her two brothers. And now for the depressing part: with the… »11/05/15 1:25pm11/05/15 1:25pm

Woman Sues 12-Year-Old Nephew For $127K Because His Aggressive Hug Led to a Broken Wrist 

The incident happened in 2011, but Jennifer Connell remembers the horror like it was yesterday: She was on her way into her 8-year-old nephew’s birthday party when the child saw her, dropped the new bike he’d just gotten, and jumped into her arms, screaming the most frightening words Connell has ever heard—“Auntie… »10/13/15 11:15am10/13/15 11:15am

Here's That White Guy Who 'Settled' Brooklyn Talking About His 'Street Cred'

The internet had various reactions yesterday to a dudefight between two white men in downtown Brooklyn. White Jogger told White Stroller-Pusher that he enjoys fighting “babies” like WSP, and, furthermore, “The only reason white people like you live here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!” Classic. »9/24/15 3:10pm9/24/15 3:10pm

Unholy New York Scalpers Are Selling Tickets to See Pope Francis for Thousands of Dollars 

On September 25, Pope Francis will travel through Central Park to meet New York’s faithful. In preparation, New Yorkers are doing what they do best: trying to fleece each other out of a few bucks. Enterprising scalpers jockeying for their place in Hell reserved free papal visit tickets and are now trying to sell them… »9/14/15 6:10pm9/14/15 6:10pm

Rain and a Hurricane Almost Changed the Course of History on September 11, 2001

Everyone remembers the weather fourteen years ago. Every remembrance story, every “where were you when” conversation, every newscast before the attacks mentions how the sky was a brilliant, deep shade of blue the morning the world turned upside down. However, had the sky not been as clear as it was that day—if the… »9/11/15 10:41am9/11/15 10:41am

3,000 Upstaters Want to Commit Economic Suicide by Seceding From New York

That attractive graphic up there represents a plan put forth by a group of liberty lovers who’d like to see New York state split into two “autonomous regions”: New York, below, composed of the city plus Long Island and Westchester and Rockland Counties, and New Amsterdam, above, composed of everything else. If that… »8/29/15 5:43pm8/29/15 5:43pm

Disquieted By Titties, New York Considers Shutting Down Times Square Plazas

Beset by bare bosoms, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday he’s considering closing down the pedestrian plazas in Times Square. The plazas—a collection of indescribably filthy metal tables marooned in an island of asphalt—are currently a popular place for exhausted, heat-stroked tourists to sink down as… »8/20/15 7:10pm8/20/15 7:10pm