Self-Styled New Orleans Witch's Home Raided After They Bragged About Taking Bones from Graveyard

In December, Tumblr and then the larger Internet blew up over a Facebook post by a self-described New Orleans-based witch named Ender Darling, who was offering human bones for “curse work.” Darling freely revealed that they were getting the bones from a potter’s field cemetery. You really, truly can’t do that, and…

I Watched the Godly, Bland The Passion Live From the Streets of New Orleans

Mostly, attending live television events that are being taped for broadcast, or even being broadcast live, is not as much fun as you might think. The show isn’t really set up to entertain an audience that is, essentially, there to play an audience; the finished product for air is the thing, and actual guests have to…

State Senator Troy Brown Charged with Domestic Abuse, Claims Short Term Memory Loss 

A Louisiana State Senator is being charged with domestic abuse battery against a woman who told police that she has been his “side friend” for a decade. In a statement, the senator acknowledged that an “altercation” took place, but said he did not recall the details due in part to brain damage from a 1991 car accident.

Would You Smash?: Aunties Reveal Who'd Get The Panties At Essence Fest

Essence Music Festival in New Orleans is a destination for women of color on Fourth of July weekend. This year, headliners included Frankie Beverly and Maze as well as Charlie Wilson. Both are the hotties of their generation. Jezebel investigated which vintage bae still riles up their fans and asked the black auntie…