Even Breitbart Says Trump Is 'Confused' About Cheering New Jersey Muslims He Claims to Have Seen On 9/11 

Candied yam riddled with moldy spider carcasses Donald Trump managed to involve himself in yet another controversy this weekend, when he claimed to have seen footage of huge crowds of New Jersey Muslims cheering wildly on September 11, 2001. Those Muslims were imaginary. Even the most conservative news outlets can’t… »Monday 10:03am11/23/15 10:03am


Trentonian Runs Story Suggesting Transgender Teen Didn’t Fairly Win Homecoming Queen

On Friday, Jae Irizarry was elected homecoming queen of Trenton Central High School, making her the first transgender student in the city’s history to hold the title. Two days later, The Trentonian published a story written by Penny Ray questioning the validity of the results, reporting that “sources with intimate… »10/20/15 6:20pm10/20/15 6:20pm

Red Bull Aficionado Holds 3 People at Knifepoint, Forces Them to Buy Him Red Bull

Let no one ever tell you that an addiction to Red Bull isn’t dangerous. One man, 26-year-old Eddie Johnson of New Jersey, is about to do some hard time due to his uncontrollable affinity for the drink—and also the fact that he straight-up threatened to shoot people if they didn’t buy it for him. »9/17/15 6:30pm9/17/15 6:30pm

Ex-Owl City Musician Charged with Criminal Sexual Contact with Teen Fan

Daniel Jorgensen, formerly a touring member with the Christian electronica act Owl City, has been charged with criminal sexual contact and child luring. Jorgensen is accused of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old fan on a beach in Atlantic City in 2013, as well as attempting to lure the girl to his hotel room.… »8/05/15 4:35pm8/05/15 4:35pm

20 Teens Charged In Sexting 'Trading Card' Probe at New Jersey Schools

20 male students at New Jersey high and middle schools have been charged with invasion of privacy after police discovered that the teens (and one 18-year-old who’s been charged as an adult) have been passing around naked pictures of female students, using the photos as a trading card game which at least one parent… »5/27/15 1:10pm5/27/15 1:10pm

Gov. Chris Christie Delivers Speech With Lots of F-Words

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie invoked the spirit of Andrew “Dice” Clay when he delivered a speech brimming with expletives at the New Jersey Legislative Correspondents Club Show on Wednesday evening. The event is an annual fundraising tradition put on by the New Jersey press corps and Christie’s profanity-filled… »5/22/15 11:10am5/22/15 11:10am

Subjecting Children to P!nk Not a Sign Of Bad Parenting, Judge Rules

A New Jersey judge has shut down a father’s complaint that his ex was abusing her parental discretion when she took their daughter to a P!nk concert in 2013. The reason? Attending the concert may have put the (then) 11-year-old into harm’s way and traumatized her, putting the child’s safety and welfare into jeopardy.… »4/26/15 1:45pm4/26/15 1:45pm