Here's What New Hampshire Voters Are Most Afraid Of

New Hampshire, Vermont’s frigid, industrial conjoined twin, has the self-assigned duty of hosting the first primary in the nation. The state is, rightfully, a little bit intense about it. Today’s New Hampshire primary is nestled between religious Iowa’s caucus and also-religious South Carolina’s primary, and provides…

Meet Vermin Supreme, Pro-Pony Presidential Candidate and My New Friend

On the way to New Hampshire, my friend Joanna and I listened to a radio segment about a man named Vermin Supreme, a performance artist and political satirist who wears a boot as a hat and is running for president for the 7th time on his“pony economy” platform. “Vermin Supreme—find him,” I typed in my phone.

Hello from New Hampshire! Join Jezebel for a Picturesque Weekend of Primary Politics

Aloha from the campaign trail! We’re staying by an electrical station in Manchester, New Hampshire for a few days to cover some events leading up to the New Hampshire primary, which will be taking place on Tuesday, February 9. Will we run into Carly Fiorina eating a hardboiled egg in a diner? Will we catch Bernie…