Gingrich Wants You to Know Just How Much Romney Sucks

Now that Mitt Romney has won the New Hampshire primary, everyone and their mother are running political attack ads against him. At the front of the mudslinging pack is Newt Gingrich, who, between pledging to defend marriage against guys exactly like Newt Gingrich and serving as his own hype man, has found time to… »1/11/12 11:10am1/11/12 11:10am


Mitt Romney, Weirdo, Has Silky Skin, Reasonable Views

Every week, it seems we learn something new and weird about Mitt Romney. He's got lingering beef with Eliza Dushku's mom. He's got like 27 houses. His sons are unsettlingly hot, in a steaming white bread out of the oven kind of way. He's protested against the protesters of the Vietnam War when he was in college. And… »1/09/12 5:00pm1/09/12 5:00pm