Owen Labrie Sentenced to One Year in Jail for Luring, Sexual Assault of a Minor

Owen Labrie, 20, has been sentenced to one year in jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old classmate at the elite St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire. In a statement delivered by video in court Thursday, the victim said she still suffers from flashbacks and said the St. Paul’s community showed her a stunning lack of… »10/29/15 4:45pm10/29/15 4:45pm


You'll Be Shocked to Learn Over Half of Trump Supporters Think Obama's a Secret Muslim

At a Donald Trump rally in New Hampshire on Thursday, a fired-up gentleman in the audience pointed out that there’s a non-American Muslim in the White House, as well as, naturally, secret Muslim extremist training camps stealthily taking over America “to kill us.” This is a popular POV for the Average Trump Voter! »9/18/15 10:05am9/18/15 10:05am

'Stripper Moms' and 'Panty Droppers' No Longer Cool in New Hampshire

Up until recently, you could saddle up to any ole liquor store in New Hampshire and ask a worker what you needed to make a cocktail like the Stripper Mom, the Panty Dropper, or (your personal favorite) the Busted Rubber. Not anymore, though! Thanks to the P.C. thought and cocktail police, all of these drinks with… »9/04/15 3:30pm9/04/15 3:30pm

Jury Finds Owen Labrie Guilty of Misdemeanor Sexual Assault, Felony Child Luring in St. Paul's Rape Case

A New Hampshire jury has returned with a mixed verdict in the trial of Owen Labrie, charged with raping a 15-year-old classmate at the elite St. Paul’s School. Labrie was convicted of one count of misdemeanor sexual assault, and one count each of endangering a child, a misdemeanor, and using a computer to lure a… »8/28/15 2:20pm8/28/15 2:20pm

St. Paul Student Said He Had a 'Divine Inspiration,' Did Not Commit Rape

The trial of Owen Labrie continued this week, the former student at the elite St. Paul’s School who is accused of raping a 15-year-old classmate. On Tuesday, Detective Julie Curtin testified that Labrie told her he didn’t rape the girl. Labrie told the officer in initial interviews that he did put on a condom for what… »8/25/15 5:00pm8/25/15 5:00pm

Romney Hosts Chris Christie and Marco Rubio at Deeply Weird Sleepover

In a scene torn straight from your most unsettling sexual nightmares, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney hosted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio at his house for a sleepover. “It was fun,” Rubio told reporters the next day, while we all shuddered, suddenly chilled to the bone… »7/06/15 10:10am7/06/15 10:10am

New Hampshire May Revive Bill They Happily Destroyed in Front of Kids

A New Hampshire politician is trying to revive a bill that his colleagues merrily beat to death in front of the schoolchildren who authored it. State Senator Jeff Woodburn says the bill, written by fourth graders to make the red-tailed hawk the new state raptor, shouldn't have turned into a messy beatdown invoking… »3/30/15 6:30pm3/30/15 6:30pm

Aging Republican Bro Calls Female State Politician 'Ugly As Sin'

A New Hampshire state Representative bro called his female colleague, Rep. Ann Mclane Kuster (D), “ugly as sin.” In a blog post. On the Internet. Rep. Steve Vaillancourt (R), the culprit, is a jerk, an idiot and late — didn’t we already sort out inappropriate comments like these with N.Y. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s … »10/14/14 10:50am10/14/14 10:50am

Is There Only A New Hampshire 'Matriarchy' Because the State's Legislators Make Barely Any Money?

New Hampshire "turned pink" after November's election, as the New York Times rather cutely puts it: after new congresswomen Ann McLane Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter are sworn into office on Thursday along with Senators Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, the state will be the first to send a ladies-only delegation to… »1/02/13 6:50pm1/02/13 6:50pm

New Hampshire's First Openly Transgendered Lawmaker Resigns Before Taking Office

This year's election were pretty excellent for the LGBT community. Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin's first female Senator, is also the first openly gay elected member of the Senate. Pro-LGBT candidates won all over the place. Marriage equality passed in Washington, Maryland, and Maine this year. Minnesota voters rejected an… »11/30/12 6:20pm11/30/12 6:20pm

Protest Erupts After New Hampshire Pub Tells Breastfeeding Woman to Holster Her Boobs

Since New Hampshire protects public breastfeeding, it probably came as something of a shock to Hillsborough resident Jane Healy when the wait staff at Tooky Mills Pub (yet more proof that New Hampshire is the land of hobbits at heart) told her to cover up the exposed breast she was using to placate her hungry… »8/09/12 10:50am8/09/12 10:50am

Komen-Planned Parenthood Shitshow Affecting Race For The Cure Registration In Vermont

Although the Komen Foundation reversed their immensely unpopular decision to cut funds to Planned Parenthood earlier this year as soon as they realized they stepped in yards of shit, the debacle seems to have affected continued support for Vermont-area Race For The Cure participants and sponsorships. The Vermont-New… »7/07/12 12:30pm7/07/12 12:30pm

Mitt Romney Will Spend the Fourth of July With Lady VP Hopeful

Your most productive plans for the Fourth of July might involve a vodka-infused watermelon, but Mitt Romney probably won't be doing much relaxing during his annual family vacation at his lakefront home near Wolfeboro, New Hampshire (which includes a terrifying-sounding activity called the "Romney Olympics," Oh My… »7/03/12 11:00am7/03/12 11:00am

Fed-Up Republican Launches Sarcastic Drive to Outlaw Left-Handed Marriage

New Hampshire's drive to repeal the state's law allowing gay marriage ended in the House of Representatives yesterday, as the Republican-controlled legislative body agreed to kill the regressive bill. But before that fortunate turn of events, another lawmaker grabbed his comedically oversized gavel and special gag… »3/22/12 2:20pm3/22/12 2:20pm