The New Girl Storyline That Made Network Honchos Skeptical

It's hard to imagine now, but when FOX's New Girl premiered two seasons ago, critics weren't sure if it'd be any good. Zooey Deschanel's oft-mentioned "adorkability" was beginning to tire on people, and it took awhile to be convinced Deschanel wouldn't be totally annoying. But as the show entered season 2 and gained… »5/09/13 12:40pm5/09/13 12:40pm

Robert Pattinson Is Drying His Breakup Tears on Reese Witherspoon's Goats

Contrary to yesterday's rumors, Robert Pattinson is not on a train, on a boat, on a plane, in a moat, or partying in London. He is, in fact, crouching behind some bushes in Reese Witherspoon's Ojai, California ranch (literal, not metaphor) until this whole "world knowing your girlfriend cheated on you" thing blows… »8/01/12 9:00am8/01/12 9:00am

New Girl Creator on Female Characters: 'There Is a Double Standard'

Tonight is the season finale of the truly funny/weird/relatable sitcom New Girl, which has been surprisingly enjoyable and amounting to much more than its marketing would lead one to believe. The Fox slogan "simply adorkable" doesn't really reflect what the show is about: Being neurotic, constructing a family from… »5/08/12 3:50pm5/08/12 3:50pm