Rejoice: You Just Might Get a 5th Season of Arrested Development

Prepare for another seven hour "Arrested Development" bender, because talks of another season of your favorite Goofy, Quirky, Witty and Deadpan show are already in the works. The show's producers are in conversations with Netflix to make season 5 a reality, but nothing concrete has been announced, so don't get your… » 7/15/13 4:40pm 7/15/13 4:40pm

TLC Searches For Non-Existent "Never Nudes"

In its latest attempt to prove "learning" has no place within its title, TLC is has put out a casting call for "never nudes." Right now, some network employee is crossing her fingers and hoping that there are others who suffer the same affliction as Tobias Funke on Arrested Development.
» 3/03/11 9:27pm 3/03/11 9:27pm

Here's the Craigslist ad …