Roberta Lange Tries To Tweet About Baseball, Is Mobbed Again By Bernie Sanders Conspiracy Theorists 

Last week, Nevada Democratic State Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange was mobbed by harassment and death threats from irate Bernie Sanders fans who suspected her of handing the state to Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, Lange, a Mariners fan, tried to tweet lightheartedly about baseball. Guess how that went?

We Called Up Bernie Fans Who Threatened Nevada Dem State Chair and Asked Them to Explain Themselves

Thanks to some extremely zealous Bernie Sanders supporters, the Nevada State Democratic Convention this past weekend was a particularly epic disaster, devolving into yelling, graffiti, chair-throwing and many, many threats and insults phoned in to Democratic State Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange. Yesterday, we called…

Sanders Campaign Accuses 'Dysfunctional' Nevada Democratic Party of Acting Undemocratically

Over the weekend, the Nevada Democratic Party convention turned into a bit of a sideshow. According to multiple reports, Bernie Sanders supporters—angry over a convention that they argued was rigged against them—threw chairs, rushed the stage, and sent threats to chairwoman Roberta Lange. The convention was eventually