How to Get Past the College Phase and Drink Alcohol Like an Adult

Having an active social circle can have a ton of benefits for your professional and personal life. As an adult, that social life can often involve alcohol. If you’re new to the world of drinking, or all you know from your college days is Jägerbombs and keg stands, here’s how to enter the drinking world like an adult.… »8/04/15 12:28pm8/04/15 12:28pm

New Research on Networking and Sex Wins Stereotype Bingo

Every week or so, a book promises to "break all the rules" and "tell it like it is," and this week is no exception. This time, the mind blowingly predictable series of yawn bombs will be dropped on the world of business networking. Specifically, the role of sexy sex mcsex and sexiness in networking. What widely… »12/23/11 1:45pm12/23/11 1:45pm