Good News, Wayfaring Stoners: You Can Still Smoke Pot in Amsterdam

Remember last year when the Dutch government was trying to pass a "cannabis card" law that would make it illegal for foreigners like us to enter into one of the Netherlands' ever popular marijuana-dealing coffee shops and everyone was all like, mondo bummer? Well, good news — the government has changed its tune and… »11/21/12 2:25pm11/21/12 2:25pm

Little Girl Tells a Ridiculously Cute Story About a Mean Fox and a Smart Bunny

In this animated short from the Netherlands, an enterprising little girl attempts to sell her handwritten stories at a flea market. When a potential customer asks what the stories are about, her characters come to life and destroy the entire earth with their darlingness. Moral of the story: Don't be a selfish dick… »6/15/12 6:00pm6/15/12 6:00pm

Make Your Eyes Look Delicious With Burger King Eye Makeup

This is an actual ad for Burger King from the Netherlands, and it's a game changer. What better way could there be to get people to notice you than by turning your face into an ad for fast food? Try using "Would you like fries with that?" as your signature pick-up line, and you'll have suitors trying to bite your eyes… »3/30/12 10:20am3/30/12 10:20am

Today in Youth Who Make Us Feel Lazy: 16-Year-Old Girl Sails Around the World by Herself

Raise your hand if your biggest accomplishment this weekend was making it out of bed in time to meet your friends for brunch. Actually, it doesn't even matter if you ran a freaking marathon today, you're still probably not as impressive as 16-year-old Laura Dekker—who sailed into St. Maarten harbor yesterday after… »1/22/12 8:45pm1/22/12 8:45pm

Farmers Look For Love On TV, And A Whole Nation Is Captivated

Two thick steaks brown on a rack the fireplace, tended to by a handsomely disheveled farmer. His rough hands pass two plates of meat to his two women perched daintily on the edge of his couch. Close up on the juicy steak and the farmer's eager face as he watches the women take their first bite. Pan to the women's… »3/11/11 6:50pm3/11/11 6:50pm