What To Watch When It's a Frozen Storming Hellscape Outside

If there is a God, this winter he's made it pretty clear that he never wants to you to feel the warmth of the sun on your face or the tickle of grass on your feet ever again. But paralyzing ice storms and butt-puckering temperatures are no excuse to give up and despair. Not when there's so much amazing TV to watch. » 2/12/14 6:00pm 2/12/14 6:00pm

Your Vicious, Power-Hungry Pals Are Back in New House Of Cards Teasers

"I don't know whether to be proud or terrified," Frank Underwood declares in one of the new teaser trailers for season two of the Netflix hit series House Of Cards. Pretty sure he's referring to his wife, Claire Underwood, whose steely strength and frosty aura — she really is a one-woman polar vortex — are back in full… » 2/12/14 12:00pm 2/12/14 12:00pm

After Accidental Troll-Feeding, Kevin Smith Reprimands Misogynists

If you had to pick a Kevin Smith movie that fans would rally to defend from a blogger's dismissive comment with misogynistic Twitter fervor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back probably wouldn't be on your shortlist. But the internet can often be a small, mean place — a dank tunnel full of blindly groping mole people trying … » 12/29/13 12:30pm 12/29/13 12:30pm

The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tomorrow

When the clock strikes its last midnight in 2013—or somewhere around there, anyway—dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix streaming. Fortunately, you've still got some time to churn through the ones you'll miss the most. Here's a list of the very best of the movies that'll be gone in 2014. » 12/27/13 10:29am 12/27/13 10:29am

Netflix Reviewers Think Your Lady Detectives Are Slutty Sluts

As you all know, we are dealing with a devastating loss in the women-who-solve-murders-that-seem-to-occur-oddly-close-to-wherever-they-happen-to-be genre. With the loss of Murder She Wrote on Netflix and possibly being eons away from the Octavia Spencer reboot of the same-named series, it's been hard finding a way to… » 11/16/13 5:45pm 11/16/13 5:45pm

Aziz Is The New Black of Cards: Ansari to Netflix?

Comedian-cum-author Aziz Ansari will be bringing his latest hourlong set of "Did I mention I hang out with Kanye?" jokes to Netflix this November. His new special, Buried Alive, is premiering on the streaming giant first before being made available via other modes of distribution. » 8/29/13 9:58pm 8/29/13 9:58pm

Real-Life Sister Ingalls Even More Awesome Than She Is on OITNB

If you haven’t had the time to binge watch all of Orange Is the New Black yet, I won’t ruin it for you...except for the part about alien space monsters. Didn’t see that coming at all, did you? But seriously — if you haven’t watched the show and don’t want to learn how badass Sister Ingalls, the pacifist nun, or any of… » 8/04/13 5:30pm 8/04/13 5:30pm

“I'm Good with Myself”: A Conversation with Laverne Cox

It's hard to say which is rarer: meaty, star-making roles for trans actors or careers that cross over from reality TV to acting. Laverne Cox has both. She competed on VH1's I Want to Work for Diddy, developed/starred in that network's makeover show TRANSform Me, and now she steals scenes as Sophia on Netflix's… » 7/30/13 1:02pm 7/30/13 1:02pm

Orange Is the New Black Is a Great Fucking Show

You're watching Orange Is the New Black, right? Because Netflix's show about a kombucha-drinking, Dwell-subscribing, public radio tote-bag-carrying white lady who finds herself serving time in Federal prison because of past involvement with an international drug ring is outstanding. If you're not turning in, you're… » 7/15/13 4:00pm 7/15/13 4:00pm