I'm Mad at You Because You're an Idiot, Not Because I'm a Woman

I was on the brink of orgasm when Rex decided we needed to talk. As we writhed on a blanket on my living-room floor, my black velvet t-shirt sliding up my torso and my skirt several yards away where Rex had tossed it like a grenade, he lifted his head from between my legs and said, "I have something I have to tell… »1/10/12 5:20pm1/10/12 5:20pm


In The Mating Game, Women Spend On Grooming, Men Spend On Dates

They say the best things in life are free, but according to Nerve »9/29/08 4:20pm9/29/08 4:20pm, Nerve editors asked nine people — singletons, married people and non-wed couples alike — how much money they spend in and around getting in and around, from birth control to grooming to dates. The results were traditional in a way that shocked me.…