Daughters of Communist Party Leaders in China Might Finally Benefit from Some Good, Old-Fashioned Nepotism

As you've watched the Chinese Communist Party leadership age over the last two decades, you've probably kept yourself awake at night fretting about who will produce the next generation of Communist propaganda. Well? Will the Politburo of tomorrow be full of more stodgy and corrupt old dudes, or, by some unforeseen… »3/19/13 6:40pm3/19/13 6:40pm

The Collected Works Of Vladimir Putin's Ex-Lingerie Model Private Photographer

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has hired a woman named Yana Lapikova as a personal photographer. She'll photograph Putin as he goes about his job, doing a little shirtless horseback riding, making his country safe for tigers and very, very unsafe for Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Lapikova's appointment has raised some… »6/16/11 6:40pm6/16/11 6:40pm

Pete Doherty Finally Finds A New Model To Marry Him. Think She Likes Drugs?

  • WHAT?! Model Irina Lazareanu is engaged to Pete Doherty. They're already on the registry at Cokespoons N' Things! So, like what is it with this man and models? What is it with models and this man? And like, does Irina read the tabloids? Does she read at all? [WWD, 1st item]
  • Model Natalia Vodianova will be walking in…
  • »10/03/07 10:30am10/03/07 10:30am