Terrifying White Nationalist City Slowly Forming In North Dakota

Craig Paul Cobb, 61, has purchased a home and 12 vacant properties in Leith, North Dakota — a town of just 19 people — in an attempt to establish an all-Neo-Nazi city with "likeminded volk," according to Raw Story. Cobb, who was previously arrested in Canada on charges of the willful promotion of hatred, likely chose… »8/24/13 2:00pm8/24/13 2:00pm


Neo Nazi Throws a Hissy Fit, Punches Female Politician on Live TV

Do you remember Crossfire, the show where pundits would yell talking points very loudly at each other while the Founding Fathers spun around in their graves and Lady Liberty pondered slitting her wrists? Well, the pugnaciousness of Tucker Carlson & Frenemies has nothing on Greek political TV. Today, a talk show… »6/07/12 4:10pm6/07/12 4:10pm