What Happens When the Men Who Helped Make a Post-Game World Try to Fix It

The past month or so has seen the publication of two books from men who, a decade ago, created questionable blueprints of what dating should be like for an entitled generation of dudes. Unexpectedly (to their former selves, at least) the new stories from these teachers—who, not so long ago, were demonstrating how to… »11/05/15 1:55pm11/05/15 1:55pm


Neil Strauss Joins Forces With '80s TV Dweebs To Teach More Men How To Build "Keno"

Neil Strauss, the The Game author who introduced the world to Mystery and who we can also probably blame for Paul Janka, will soon be dispensing dating tips on MySpace TV with the aid of Corin "Corky" Nemec of Parker Lewis Can't Lose and David Faustino of Married With Children. But since such two iconic figures as… »12/18/07 2:40pm12/18/07 2:40pm