Jimmy Fallon's Spate of Recent Injuries Might be From 'Excessive' Drinking 

Anyone who follows Jimmy Fallon on Instagram has noticed that the late night host seems to have recently suffered from a sizable number accidents usually involving booze. There was the Jägermeister incident, that time he almost severed his finger when he tripped over a rug, and the time he chipped his tooth. Fallon’s… »11/01/15 10:30am11/01/15 10:30am


Neil Patrick Harris Gives the Gift of Himself in Oscars Promo

If you're in need of a belated gift for an annoying family member you forgot about, then Neil Patrick Harris has a lazy solution. Just tell them to watch him host the Oscars. It's a totally logical gift idea. His presence is a present, you see. Watch him tell us to watch him, in this promo for the awards, which airs… »12/26/14 9:30am12/26/14 9:30am

Neil Patrick Harris's Autobiography Is A 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

There are several recent things in pop culture that have made me unspeakably happy—the addition of Cody to The Bachelorette, the Velveeta Cheese Facebook page (GOOGLE IT), every episode of Cutthroat Kitchen ever—but nothing could possibly make me happier than this news about Neil Patrick Harris's autobiography. »5/20/14 9:45pm5/20/14 9:45pm

Neil Patrick Harris Deletes Tweet Praising Terry Richardson

On Monday, the beloved Neil Patrick Harris tweeted that he was excited about having just wrapped a photo shoot with photographer Terry Richardson for Rolling Stone magazine. Calling it a "Bucket List Moment," Harris said the shoot had been "So fun" and that it was full of "Probably pretty provocative prints." Soon… »4/15/14 5:30pm4/15/14 5:30pm

Neil Patrick Harris wants to show you his trouser snake.

Neil Patrick Harris wants to show you his trouser snake. The triple threat is following up his nine years on How I Met Your Mother with a stint on Broadway starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. As you can tell from these images Annie Leibovitz shot for Vanity Fair, he's more than ready for a rock musical. Damn,… »4/15/14 2:20pm4/15/14 2:20pm