Is This the Dumbest OKCupid Pick Up Strategy Yet? Or Is It the Dumbest?

Here's what you should do if you accidentally rate someone's looks five stars when you didn't mean to: Anything but this. Literally, anything. Pouring Iodine all over your body and taking an ice bath is better, and that's just the first thing that came to mind. What are you doing, dude? What are you doing? »8/25/14 10:25pm8/25/14 10:25pm


You Know What's Great About You? You Just Can't Take (or Give) a Compliment

Is there anything we crave more –- and trust less –- than a compliment? It's axiomatic that compliments can be hard to take; as Anna North put it, accepting them is "a skill that often escapes even the most accomplished women." While giving praise seems so much easier, there are still "no-go zones" for more than a few… »7/12/12 5:10pm7/12/12 5:10pm