Donald Trump on How His Fascist Plan to Track Muslims Is Different Than Nazis: 'You Tell Me'

On November 17, lead paint factory explosion Donald Trump was “open to” the idea of forcing all Muslims in the United States to belong to a database system tracking their movements, he told Yahoo. By Thursday, he was saying he would “absolutely” implement that plan, stonily responding “You tell me” to an NBC reporter… »11/20/15 8:37am11/20/15 8:37am


Donald Trump's SNL Has Shortened My Natural Life

When NBC announced it would welcome presidential candidate and empty popcorn bag rotting in the sun Donald Trump as host of Saturday Night Live, the country was generally aghast. Not only is hosting while running for president essentially unheard of, but the network had months before severed ties with Trump after he… »11/08/15 11:25am11/08/15 11:25am

NBC Is Making The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Into a Comedy Series

We’re swiftly heading towards the end of 2015, which means much of the hard work we did earlier this year organizing our clothes via Konmari method have since gone to shit. Many of us have returned to our hoarding ways and our once immaculately-folded socks have reversed back to a state of being brutally balled-up.
»11/01/15 6:45pm11/01/15 6:45pm

NBC Was Just Kidding About Severing Ties With Trump, Welcomes Their Good Boy Back 

Donald Trump has made a name for himself building ugly buildings and saying vile words. His persona is basic, crude, and unappealing, and perhaps because his is such a brightly burning trash fire, he has earned the right to speak without the threat of punishment—his ratings are so high that media outlets actually… »10/19/15 3:31pm10/19/15 3:31pm

Praise Our Most Masculine Gods, Because NBC Is Developing a Sitcom Called Manhood

As a proud man, I often crave more images of myself on television. Every time I change the channel, I’m forced to watch yet another woman shove her cultural dominance in my face. They’re crawling out of duffel bags, they’re saving the world, and—on ABC—they’re even joining the FBI! »9/28/15 4:50pm9/28/15 4:50pm

I'm Begging of You, Please Set Your DVRs For NBC's Adaptation Of 'Jolene'

When first reported earlier this year, NBC’s development deal with Dolly Parton was said to be for “uplifting” TV movies “the whole family” could enjoy. The first project they announced, an adaptation of “Coat of Many Colors,” seemed to fit that description. Like much of Parton’s earlier music, it’s an… »8/14/15 5:20pm8/14/15 5:20pm

Is Katherine Heigl Launching A Lifestyle Brand Right Before Our Eyes?

Over the past 10 years, Katherine Heigl’s star has gone from one of the brightest in Hollywood, to a flicker made nearly invisible by a notoriously bad reputation and seal of disapproval from Shonda Rhimes. The woman who once starred in hits like Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up is now unable to keep a show from… »7/24/15 12:45pm7/24/15 12:45pm

Hungry? If You'd Like, Liza Minnelli Will Have Lunch With You

This morning on Today, Kathie Lee Gifford told the kind of cute little story that’s perfect for a Friday. One day, Gifford said, in the before time when smartphones didn’t exist, she was waiting to meet her least punctual friend for lunch at “one of the best restaurants in New York.” After sitting alone for some time,… »7/17/15 12:50pm7/17/15 12:50pm

Regis Philbin Is Joining Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today's Fourth Hour

NBC is bringing another wine glass to the set of Today’s Fourth Hour, because Regis Philbin is officially joining co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb as a regular contributor. The news was announced at a wine bar in Rockefeller Center, where Philbin served his old/new coworkers out of an enormous magnum bottle… »7/10/15 2:30pm7/10/15 2:30pm

Man Thinks NBC Changed Logo For Gay Marriage, Will Have None Of It

Poor, poor Don Stair. All this Little Rock resident wanted was to live in a world where the media doesn’t cater to the views of one tiny and perverted sexual minority. That’s why he was livid when his NBC affiliate changed the colors of their peacock logo to the rainbow flag to support gay marriage and chose to give… »6/29/15 3:30pm6/29/15 3:30pm

NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, For Obvious Reasons 

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter is reporting that NBC won’t be airing the upcoming Miss USA pageant, one part of the three-headed lipsticked hydra that is Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Organization. NBC’s statement says that the decision not to air the pageant is directly due to Donald Trump being Donald Trump all the… »6/29/15 2:30pm6/29/15 2:30pm

'If I Could Just Get Some Giraffe Meat': Hannibal's Food Stylist Speaks

Hannibal was recently cancelled by NBC, putting an ailing show out of its misery, as well as those of us who knew it started flailing after its first season yet were forced to read endless television critics blathering on about its supposed brilliance. (Seriously, guys; all the dark lighting and creepy sound effects… »6/23/15 7:10pm6/23/15 7:10pm

How Much Is NBC Paying Rachel Dolezal? [Updated]

All day Tuesday, the race-boggling Montana-American Rachel Dolezal embarked upon a tour of our televisions. First, she stopped at The Today Show, during which Dolezal expressed her disdain for those who would “whitewash” her social justice work as a white woman pretending to be a black woman. (“I identify as black,”… »6/17/15 4:45pm6/17/15 4:45pm