Tila Tequila Is a Nazi Sympathizer Who Calls Herself 'Hitila'

Tila Tequila, perhaps best known as the most popular artist on Myspace (according to page views) circa April 2006, and whose occupation is listed as "Glamour model" on Wikipedia, and probably most relevantly, who we all thought would fade into rightful obscurity following the cancellation of A Shot at Love with Tila… » 12/09/13 9:30pm 12/09/13 9:30pm

Nazi Women Were Experts on Husband Finding, Baby Having, and Murder

Not to Godwin myself in the first sentence of my first post of the day, but here goes: if you think education is wasted on girls because what they should be learning is about lady skills like man-pleasing and baby-rearing, then congratulations! You and Hitler agree on how society should treat women. » 10/09/13 1:30pm 10/09/13 1:30pm

Cool Prank Audition Convinces Women to Wear Blackface, Salute Hitler

About 30 aspiring actresses who responded to a casting call got the shit fooled out of them when it turned out that they were auditioning for a part that didn't actually exist. But wait! It gets fool-ier: during the fake audition, the women were asked to do unladylike things like wear blackface, impersonate Adolph… » 6/19/13 6:05pm 6/19/13 6:05pm

Albany Teacher Who Assigned Awful Nazi Writing Assignment Put on Leave

A teacher at Albany High School has been put on leave after igniting a brushfire of outrage in upstate New York with quite possibly the worst persuasive writing assignment ever: she asked students to put themselves into a pair of black leather stormtrooper boots and argue why the Jews are evil as if they were trying to … » 4/14/13 2:30pm 4/14/13 2:30pm

Olympics Fans Close to Winning Gold Medal in Racism

When they're not criticizing Gabby Douglas's hair or wondering why all North Koreans look alike, the folks watching the Olympic Games are just innocuously rooting for their home team, right? Wrong: There's more racism afoot! » 8/03/12 12:25pm 8/03/12 12:25pm

Lady Neo-Nazis Shattering the Glass Ceiling of Awfulness

Despite a now 3-year-old article from the Washington Post that offered hormonal proof that women can manage the the pants off of a business venture, they are still underrepresented in leadership positions at law firms and tech companies, and only fill 17 of the chief executive posts at Fortune 500 companies. What's an… » 2/12/12 1:20pm 2/12/12 1:20pm

Coco Chanel Was Allegedly A Nazi Spy

A new biography of Coco Chanel sheds more light on her wartime activities, and the house of Chanel seems to be bracing itself for backlash. What was ol' Gabrielle up to during World War II? Palling around with Nazis at the Ritz, basically — but the house of Chanel is denying that its founder and namesake spied for the… » 8/18/11 2:00pm 8/18/11 2:00pm

The Secret Plot To Turn Hitler Into A Lady

According to recently declassified documents, during World War II British spies hatched a cunning plan to beat Hitler: Simply slip estrogen into his food until he becomes feminized and loses interest in the whole "take over the world" thing. It would have worked too, because everyone knows ladies can't be mass-murdering… » 8/15/11 11:15am 8/15/11 11:15am

The Dior Family's Strange Wartime History

Ten days ago in Paris, just before the most recent Christian Dior fashion show, company C.E.O. Sidney Toledano took the highly unusual step of getting up on the runway to make a speech. The circumstances that led Toledano to take this action were, too, abnormal: Dior's creative director of fifteen years, John Galliano, … » 3/14/11 6:58pm 3/14/11 6:58pm

Galliano Still In Business, For Nowt

The question of who will replace disgraced total-Nazi designer John Galliano at Christian Dior has tongues wagging all over the industry. (But then again, when are fashion people ever not gossiping about something?) But two of the alleged front-runners are tight-lipped. Riccardo Tisci, when asked after his Givenchy » 3/08/11 12:55pm 3/08/11 12:55pm