Heidi Klum Made Germany's Top Model Contestants Pose in Redface

Having, I guess, somehow missed the last million Native American appropriation controversies in the fashion industry, Heidi Klum recently had contestants on Germany's Next Top Model travel to Utah and pose as sexy/high-fashion stereotypes of indigenous people. Sigh. » 4/09/14 6:45pm 4/09/14 6:45pm

Redskins Owner Opens Foundation For Native Americans, Won't Drop Slur

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Redskins football team, is attempting to diffuse criticism about the fact that his team name is a racial slur by setting up a foundation for Native Americans. Obviously, Native American leaders, activists and lawmakers aren't buying it. » 3/25/14 5:45pm 3/25/14 5:45pm

Combating the Misrepresentation of Native Americans, Through Photos

Last December, Native American photographer Matika Wilbur embarked upon a journey with a staggeringly ambitious goal — over the next few years, she hopes to photograph members of every single Native American tribe. There were 562 recognized by the federal government when she started (and 566 now), hence the project's… » 3/02/14 3:00pm 3/02/14 3:00pm

Tanning Salon Employee Has Epic Racist Freakout Over 'Sexy Indian' Ad

Yesterday, we brought you one of the most ill-advised ads for a tanning salon ever (as though tanning could get any more gauche), a tacky, racist mess that featured a white lady in a "Sexy Indian" Halloween costume along with copy that read "The Indians brought more than just 'CORN' to the first Thanksgiving... they… » 11/07/13 5:20pm 11/07/13 5:20pm

Tanning Salon Is Super Thankful Native Americans 'Brought Sexy Color'

In honor of Thanksgiving, a chain of tanning salons in Alabama and Florida has launched a holiday-themed ad campaign that is both offensively stupid and stupidly offensive. "The Indians brought more than just 'CORN' to the first Thanksgiving," reads the copy, "they brought SEXY 'COLOR'!" Ugh, the unnecessary quotation… » 11/06/13 4:50pm 11/06/13 4:50pm

After Offensive Fiasco, Paul Frank Collaborates With Native Designers

Imagine this: After producing an event offensive to Native Americans, Paul Frank is now working with Native American artists and designers — going from cultural appropriation to cultural appreciation. » 8/28/13 1:00pm 8/28/13 1:00pm

‘Native American’ Lone Ranger Designer Isn't Actually Native American

There seems to have been a bit of a miscommunication about the new Lone Ranger fashion collaboration, which supposedly matched the talents of a "prestigious Native American craftsman" named Gabriel GoodBuffalo with the brand Will Leather Goods, all under the aegis of the Disney corporation. You see, GoodBuffalo is not… » 7/09/13 11:50am 7/09/13 11:50am

Tulsa's Olympics Bid Involves Shitty Trail of Tears Gimmick

If you’re like me, you have a dormant streak of patriotism that comes alive once but every four years—on the occasion of the great Summer Olympic games (lol Winter Olympics, naw dude). I become a seething jingoistic nightmare, screaming unpleasantries at the Argentinian table tennis team as my USA track jacket flaps in … » 7/02/13 6:30pm 7/02/13 6:30pm

The Heartbreaking Story of a Native American Adoption Gone Awry

Today, Native Americans are widely recognized as the muse for our underthings as well as the wellspring of our cultural appropriation needs. Oh, but it turns out they also love their families, take pride in their communities, and wish to pass on their cultural traditions to their children. Interestingly enough, Native… » 4/18/13 10:50am 4/18/13 10:50am

Horrid Congressman Threatens Tribal Council With Violence at Hearing…

If you're at all like North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer, you'll know that the best way to comport yourself in a hearing at which a deeply disenfranchised population is attempting to redress the systematic injustices it has endured for centuries — with a focus on the disproportionate rate of murder and sexual… » 3/29/13 12:40pm 3/29/13 12:40pm

AnOther Magazine Disputes the Fact That Michelle Williams in Redface…

Earlier this week on this site, writer Ruth Hopkins criticized AnOther magazine's photoshoot with Michelle Williams as being insensitive and racist. Now, AnOther has issued a statement defending the image. » 3/14/13 12:20pm 3/14/13 12:20pm

Why Is Michelle Williams in Redface?

Now I've really seen it all. Michelle Williams is on the cover of AnOther Magazine, in apparent Redface. Michelle burst into the spotlight when she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Brokeback Mountain (2005). Later, she was nominated for Oscars for her work in Blue Valentine (2010) and » 3/12/13 11:20am 3/12/13 11:20am

The First Thanksgiving Was an Especially Drunken and Smelly Affair

As we all prepare to endure various forms of emotional bludgeoning and familial gluttony in a few days, it's important to remember that our culture has done its darndest to scrub the Thanksgiving origin story clean, or at least cleaner than the Pilgrims (who eschewed bathing because, long story short, Christianity… » 11/18/12 2:30pm 11/18/12 2:30pm

A Much-Needed Primer on Cultural Appropriation

This fall alone, Paul Frank served "Rain Dance Refresher" cocktails at a "Pow Wow"-themed fashion week event, ASOS debuted a "Go Native" Navajo-inspired line with cringe-inducing copy, and Karlie Kloss walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway in a floor-length war bonnet and not much else. Why are fashion brands so… » 11/13/12 5:00pm 11/13/12 5:00pm

Victoria's Secret's Racist Garbage Is Just Asking for a Boycott

Last week, the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion show was held in New York, recorded to air on network television on December 4. During the show, model Karlie Kloss wore a Native American headdress. Outrage at the offensive costume was immediate; over the weekend, Victoria's Secret apologized and said the televised… » 11/12/12 2:00pm 11/12/12 2:00pm

Karlie Kloss as a Half-Naked 'Indian' and Other Absurdities from the…

Last night, the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was held in New York, and it was a delightfully absurd smorgasbord of flesh, wings, and lingerie. One of the most shocking get-ups? Twenty-year-old Karlie Kloss in "Native" garb. » 11/08/12 1:15pm 11/08/12 1:15pm

The Catholic Church Makes Kateri Tekakwitha the First Native American…

During an elaborate open-air ceremony at the Vatican's Saint Peter's Square this morning that involved a lot of fancy costumes, bejeweled bibles, Latin liturgies, and probably some bored, sleep-weary children, clandestine Sith lord Pope Benedict XVI canonized Kateri Tekakwitha (along with six others), making her the… » 10/21/12 12:00pm 10/21/12 12:00pm

Meet Native Max, the New Native American Fashion Mag

Twenty-one-year-old Kelly Holmes, who grew up on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, has started Native Max, a fashion/style publication for Native American men and women — and non-Native Americans who want to learn about the culture. "There's really no magazine, a Native-owned and operated, Native-designed magazine. … » 10/17/12 6:00pm 10/17/12 6:00pm