Strippers Lose Jobs To The Internet • The Simpsons Are Back on Venezuelan TV

Print journalists aren't the only ones losing jobs, strippers feel the burden of the digital age. • Iranian says Barbies are "destructive" and must be stopped. • Incarcerated 400-pound man loses 100 pounds, sues county for underfeeding. • Six conservative women talk about dating whiny liberal men. • Two teenagers are… »4/28/08 5:30pm4/28/08 5:30pm


'National Lampoon' Thinks Lady Humor Means Recipes, Videos of Kittens

Back in August, Mediaweek reported that the National Lampoon network of websites was going to add a "Female-Centric Site," called the 8228 Network. Hooray, we thought. Maybe now hilarious up-and-coming women comics will get the internet airplay they deserve! Then we went to the 8228 dummy page, and apparently "female… »10/09/07 1:00pm10/09/07 1:00pm