The Number of Women Hitting Up Infertility Services Has Dropped

There's a popular perception that, in this day and age, infertility treatments like IVF are as common as can be—thanks in no small part to our much-lamented desire to have it all and delayed baby-making. That's not quite the case, though: The number of women seeking help for infertility has actually dropped. »1/22/14 11:40am1/22/14 11:40am


Kids Are Eating Sugar Like It's Going Out of Style (Which It Is)

There has been a lot of fretting lately about just how much sugar we're all consuming, but we are particularly freaked out about what our kids are eating. Well, now it turns out we're right to worry because they are eating a shit-ton of sugar every day. Why? Well, for the same reason we grown-ups do: because having… »3/01/12 2:00pm3/01/12 2:00pm