During His Reign, Napoleon III Banned 'La Marseillaise,' Replaced It With 'Partant Pour La Syrie'

The Marseillaise, the late eighteenth-century revolutionaries’ march that became the French national anthem, has a big, affecting, gorgeous melody that sounds like a flag waved furiously over battle; like any effective symbol, it overrides the particulars. For example, listening to English and French soccer fans hum… »11/18/15 1:10pm11/18/15 1:10pm


Two-Year-Old Slays National Anthem in the Most Literal Sense of the Word

If you're looking for discernible words and on-key vocalization, you're going to need to look elsewhere. What this 2-year-old does to the national anthem is something special, but it's not in the way you'd think. Or it's exactly in the way you'd think. Basically he sounds like a drunk senior citizen and that is a good… »2/25/15 11:30pm2/25/15 11:30pm

Lady Gaga Reminds World She Still Exists by Singing at Pride Weekend

The recently reclusive Lady Gaga made her first public appearance since cancelling her “Born This Way” tour to kick off New York’s Pride Weekend by signing the National Anthem. It’s actually pretty stirring, in light of the Supreme Court decisions this week, but Gaga also humblebragged about being mega-famous and… »6/30/13 1:00pm6/30/13 1:00pm

NBC Snubs Miss Deaf America During Super Bowl Broadcast

While M.I.A. had no trouble sending a message at the Super Bowl with her middle finger, there was another woman at the game who never got the chance to spread her far less controversial message to the world. If you were watching at home, you probably didn't realize that while Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, and Blake… »2/07/12 9:00pm2/07/12 9:00pm

Cyndi Lauper Flubs National Anthem During U.S. Open 9/11 Memorial

From now on anyone performing the National Anthem should write the line "O'er the ramparts we watch'd were so gallantly streaming" on their hand. Last night Cyndi Lauper flubbed the line (which Christina Aguilera botched earlier this year) immediately after a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 at the U.S.… »9/11/11 8:39pm9/11/11 8:39pm

Hank Williams, Jr. Does A Disservice To The National Anthem

Hank Williams, Jr., a big McCain supporter »11/03/08 2:20pm11/03/08 2:20pm, brought his tremendous case of hat-head and vocal stylings to Missouri today to salute Sarah Palin's candidacy with our national anthem. Between Palin calling it "Missour-EE," Williams' rewriting of a lyric as "the dong's early light" and the way the MSNBC cameraman pulls…

5-Year Old Obama Supporter Sings Her Own Version Of American Anthem

The incomparable Jeanne Moos of CNN (seriously, does the woman have the best job on TV or what?) did an amusing segment last night about a 5-year-old girl named Ebony and her charming, slightly-stilted — Moos says "mangled" — rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at a Barack Obama rally the other day. And since we… »1/22/08 5:20pm1/22/08 5:20pm