Oprah's Big Give Is Really Confusing

Last night was the premiere of Oprah's Big Give, which is set up to be The Apprentice for charitable people, except that the contestants have no idea that the winner will go home with $1 million. Each week they are given separate assignments for which they are expected to make a difference in a needy person's life. At… » 3/03/08 11:00am 3/03/08 11:00am

Oprah Tries To Create The Consummate Celebrity Quadroon

This week, daytime TV was stricken with a nasty case of the reruns. Even after I lauded The View for keeping it fresh all summer, B. Dubs went and gave the ladies this week off, leaving no reason for a lot of us to get up before noon. So the only View clip we have for you is from last Friday when Molly Shannon wore a… » 6/29/07 3:50pm 6/29/07 3:50pm