Which Celeb Had the Best Dress at the Heart Truth Red Dress Event?

Last night, the 11th annual Heart Truth Red Dress fashion show kicked off New York Fashion Week. The event is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin told ABC News: "Heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country and we want to raise awareness of… » 2/07/13 12:50pm 2/07/13 12:50pm

Gold Medals and Gold Dresses at the Salute to Women in Sports Gala

Last night in New York, athletes rubbed elbows at the 33rd Annual Salute To Women In Sports Gala. If you miss some of the faces you got to know during the Olympics, fret not: Rowers, gymnasts, swimmers, track stars — the gang's all here! » 10/18/12 1:55pm 10/18/12 1:55pm

Get Ready to Find Out What James Bond Smells Like

The new James Bond 007 fragrance debuts at Harrods next month, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, and release of the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall (which hits theaters in the US in November). Because nothing says "secret spy" like having your agency code number on a fragrance bottle. So,… » 7/27/12 11:42am 7/27/12 11:42am

Olympic Gymnast Hair: An Appreciation

The opening ceremony of the London Olympics is tomorrow, but if you're like me, you're probably enduring the swimming, track, and archery hullabaloo, waiting anxiously for the most exciting event of the games begins: women's artistic gymnastics, and the perky hairstyles that accompany the event. One word immediately… » 7/26/12 11:45am 7/26/12 11:45am

Why Elite Gymnasts Come Back

On Friday night, Nastia Liukin, the defending Olympic all around champion will try to make her second Olympic team and the Vegas odd makers, if they were at all interested in a sport like gymnastics, would put her as a long shot. Why? Not simply because she's a 22-year-old woman in a teenager's game, but due to her… » 6/28/12 6:20pm 6/28/12 6:20pm

Angelina's Lack Of Glamour Triggers Mag Meltdown

Peaches' Modeling In Jeopardy For Heroin Allegations; Meet Aaron…

Angelina's Old Modeling Pictures For Sale; Media Piles Onto Richardson…

Unlucky Duck Gets Orthopedic Sandal • Overuse Of IVF Due To Sexism?

• This poor duckling was going to be put down following an accident that left him with a fractured leg, but his owner enlisted the help of a local cobbler and ended up with an adorable corrective sandal. » 8/12/09 5:40pm 8/12/09 5:40pm

Agyness Deyn Keen To Kick Habit; Zooey Deschanel To Design Glasses

Playboy TV's New Show Sounds Like Trash • Air India Hostesses Fired For…

Playboy TV is premiering a show titled 'Show Us Your Wits,' in which male contestants have to answer "simple" trivia questions while Playmates distract them. Witty! • » 1/06/09 5:30pm 1/06/09 5:30pm

Nastia Liukin Just Wants You To Be Healthy

Gold Medal Gymnast Nastia Liukin "has created a brand positioning centered around promoting healthy living for young women," says Women's Wear Daily. » 12/12/08 2:20pm 12/12/08 2:20pm

Carla Bruni Is Furieuse Over Nude Photograph

Madonna & A-Rod: Moving In Together?

Loose Lips

One of our favorite gold medal girls, Nastia Liukin, is going to guest star on Gossip Girl » 10/15/08 5:40pm 10/15/08 5:40pm. "I was going to play myself and then they thought it would be cool to give me a character," Nastia tells . "A bunch of my friends always watch, so to actually be on it, it's really cool." • Robert Duvall was bashing a lot of…

Loose Lips

Eva Longoria tells bloggers to step off » 9/15/08 5:30pm 9/15/08 5:30pm with the pregnancy rumors. "I wish people would just chill out…It's funny because [bloggers] are like, 'Oh, Eva is wearing baggy clothes,'" Longoria says. "It's not like I dressed like a hoochie mama before!" • Nastia Liukin did not get to chow down in when she was in training…

Naomi Campbell Is Late To Feed The Needy

Andre Leon Talley: Vogue Editor, Style Adviser, Political Surrogate For…