When Did Nashville Become the New Game Of Thrones?

On Wednesday, Nashville’s crossed a new line by killing one of the show’s longtime villains just as they were getting their life on track. It was like Game of Thrones when Joffrey died (not a spoiler, you’ve had YEARS to watch) except this death wasn’t exactly celebratory, it was bittersweet, like… a country song. »10/29/15 11:28am10/29/15 11:28am


Lawyers Move for Mistrial in Vanderbilt Rape Case, Say Juror Was Raped

In January of this year, Cory Batey and Brandon Vandenburg, both football players at Vanderbilt University, were convicted of raping a fellow student in 2013. Now, as the sentencing phase begins, Vandenburg’s attorney is moving for a mistrial, arguing that the jury foreman failed to disclose that he was a victim of… »6/16/15 9:30am6/16/15 9:30am

What Happens When a Nashville Character Performs as Himself

“Coming to Nashville was like coming home to a place I’d never been before,” said Charles “Chip” Esten at his set at the Chevrolet Riverfront stage on Friday afternoon at CMA Fest. Or was it Deacon who said that? Esten, one of the stars of ABC’s Nashville, drew a horde of screaming fans to his performance, but who… »6/14/15 4:00pm6/14/15 4:00pm

Perfect Pussy Tour Diary, Part 2: Turbans, Sparklers, and Deerhoof (!)


So far, our (hungover, sleep deprived) heroes are, in relative terms, coasting: none of the usual van trouble, broken cell phones, or robberies of tours past. This is not to say that all is right with the stars. Let’s watch as they cross an invisible border to a magical land where people still smoke cigarettes… »4/24/15 3:10pm4/24/15 3:10pm

Christina Aguilera Performed a Country Song on Nashville and It Rules

Well, ABC’s Nashville limps on, and though the show’s paternity-obsessed sad-sack plotting leaves quite a bit to be desired, this season has nonetheless had its highlights: namely, Hayden Panettiere having a baby (named Cadence) and panicking at the prospect of maternal identity, Luke from the OC finally getting to… »4/24/15 11:50am4/24/15 11:50am

Connie Britton's in New York Times Magazine, Y'all

While nothing can completely fill the void left in our hearts by the 2011 finale of Friday Night Lights, a lengthy profile of Connie Britton — A.K.A. Tami Taylor — in New York Times Magazine certainly makes an honorable attempt at it. If you're worried that reading it will ruin the magical lofty expectations that you… »2/13/13 7:15pm2/13/13 7:15pm

Nashville Creator Callie Khouri Is Not a Fan of Catfights

In an interview with Women and Hollywood's Melissa Silverstein, Callie Khouri — who wrote Thelma & Louise and created the ABC drama Nashville — discusses writing roles for women. Silverstein asks, "One of the things I've read you talk about is the challenge of writing two female characters, who had conflicts with each… »1/11/13 6:30pm1/11/13 6:30pm