Your Brain Is Basically Wet Garbage Without an Afternoon Nap

GREAT NEWS VIA SCIENCE, BRAIN-HAVERS. Researchers from U Mass Amherst studied the sleep and learning patterns of 40 3- to 5-year-olds (who, if you think about it, are basically adult lady-bloggers in terms of both species and desire for goldfish crackers) and discovered that kids who take afternoon naps are better at… »9/24/13 3:05pm9/24/13 3:05pm

Having Nap-Time During a Wedding Is a Surprisingly Good Idea

Weddings are pretty boring, aren't they? They can be boring, anyway, especially if they don't have most/all of the following: horses, puppies, fireworks, ice cream, open bars, one uncle who is an awesome drunk dancer, one uncle who is a terrible drunk dancer, one aunt who dances by slowly hiking up her skirt, a crying… »8/05/12 10:15pm8/05/12 10:15pm