Ever Get The Feeling Some Working Moms Just Get Off On "Guilt"?

In today's Huffington Post, former ABC News anchor/blogger Heather Cabot is feeling guilty because she confused some kid's nanny with his actual mother. In short: Heather and a blond caretaker bonded at the local gymborama or whatever. They made a playdate. Then Heather spotted the same child with a tall brunette… » 12/26/07 1:00pm 12/26/07 1:00pm

Creators Of 'Nanny Diaries' Believe They Have The Next 'Citizen Kane' On Hands

We didn't know this until just now, but sometimes when a movie is not released on time it is not because focus groups told them it was better off not released at all ever; it's because the movie's makers are so gosh darn taken with their own brilliance that they decide to forego the gazillions they could rake in… » 3/29/07 10:17am 3/29/07 10:17am