A Peek Inside The American Apparel Headquarters

As you probably know, after Nancy Upton's controversial entry to American Apparel model search contest, the company invited her to visit the headquarters in L.A. The visit wasn't really very eventful, but Nancy's friend Shannon Skloss— who took the glorious photographs of Nancy eating chicken in a swimming pool — was… »10/14/11 4:45pm10/14/11 4:45pm


American Apparel Plus-Size Debacle Comes To Anticlimactic, Boring End

After hearing about American Apparel's "Next BIG Thing" model search and feeling offended by the wording in the copy, Nancy Upton entered the contest, submitting saucy, food-oriented photographs. She earned the most votes, but was informed by American Apparel that she was not the winner. Then she ended up on the Today »10/10/11 1:15pm10/10/11 1:15pm

Contest Non-Winner Excited To Visit American Apparel & Offer Perspective

As you may recall, Nancy Upton mocked American Apparel's "Next Big Thing" model search, then won the contest, then was informed that she was not the winner, then was invited to visit the company headquarters. Nancy was on the Today show this morning, explaining (again) why the wording of the contest prompted her to… »9/23/11 4:20pm9/23/11 4:20pm

April Flores, American Apparel & The Plus-Size 'Demographic'

Last year, April Flores — adult film star, erotic performer and plus-size beauty — visited an American Apparel showroom in an attempt to find pieces for her plus-sized clothing line. She was told that AA did not have plus-sized items because "that's not our demographic." Tuesday, the company's Creative Director, Iris… »9/15/11 1:40pm9/15/11 1:40pm

American Apparel Refuses To Recognize Rightful Plus-Size Contest Winner

As you may recall, American Apparel celebrated adding plus-size clothing to their stores by announcing a search for "booty-ful" models. The winner was supposed to be a woman who needs "a little extra wiggle room" and has a "fresh face and curvaceous bod." Nancy Upton entered the contest, submitting photographs of… »9/14/11 6:55pm9/14/11 6:55pm

The Best Entrant In American Apparel's Plus-Size Model Search

Nancy Upton read about American Apparel's search for plus-size, "booty-ful" models. She, like many of us, found the contest "offensive," but decided to enter. Nancy had her friend, Shannon Skloss, take pictures of her — bathing in ranch dressing, pouring chocolate sauce directly into her mouth, gorging on chicken.… »9/08/11 2:40pm9/08/11 2:40pm