Nancy Snyderman: If You Have A Sugar Daddy, You Must Be A Hooker

Earlier this morning the Today Show ran a segments where they brought in "experts" to weigh in on some of the "hottest headlines." Star Jones, Donny Deutsch, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman (you know, the one who called Mommyrexia an "obnoxious, Upper East Side, white girl problem") showed up, so we assume the real experts… »8/04/11 11:30am8/04/11 11:30am

Expert: Mommyrexia 'Is An Upper East Side Obnoxious White Girl Problem'

The Today Show enlisted the help of experts to discuss a new, obnoxiously-named pregnancy plague that's sweeping the nation: Mommyrexia. (Where would we be without the "-rexia" suffix?) Dr. Nancy Snyderman had a few strong statements about the "nine months of bliss" that is being ruined by pregnant women who are… »7/28/11 11:18am7/28/11 11:18am