70 Years of First Ladies Standing in Front of Christmas Trees 

It's an American tradition that every year, no matter how dismal, the White House invites a bunch of photographers to capture some feel-good seasonal snapshots of the president's pad decorated for the holidays. Generally, it falls to the First Lady to doll herself up, park herself in front of the tree, and smile for… » 12/23/14 6:20pm 12/23/14 6:20pm

10 Badass Moments in Girl Scout History

On March 12, 1912, eighteen girls from Savannah, Georgia gathered for what would be the first meeting of Girl Scouts. One hundred years later, the small organization founded by Juliette Low has included more than 50 million girls and women, sold hundreds of millions of boxes of cookies, and given us some incredibly… » 3/12/12 3:30pm 3/12/12 3:30pm

A Handy Guide to Gossiping About First Ladies

Amid the paroxysm of gasping that gripped the nation this week when Michelle Obama told "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King that she's not "some angry black woman," political pundits may have lost some historical perspective. Exhibit A: their breathless discussion of the ‘salacious' details in Jodi Kantor's… » 1/15/12 1:30pm 1/15/12 1:30pm

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Awkward Pictures Of Politicians And…

Check out this great treasury of holiday Santa-political awkwardness, because nothing says "Christmas" like Nancy Reagan flirting with Mr. T. » 12/19/10 12:55pm 12/19/10 12:55pm

When Karl Was Young, And Other Stories

Women's Wear Daily's photo archive of designers and socialites in their homes documents some daring sartorial and interior-decorative choices on the part of people like Catherine Deneuve, Robert Evans, and Yves Saint Laurent. And, for some reason, William F. Buckley. » 11/04/09 2:40pm 11/04/09 2:40pm

Heigl To Blame For 17-Hour Shoot; Mad Men Actress Told To Bulk Up; Jude…

Obama Can See America From Cairo

The '60s Vs. The '80s

Who decorated the White House better, Jackie Kennedy or Nancy Reagan? That's the debate over at Domino.com, and Jackie is winning. Click to enlarge a side-by-side comparison of the West Sitting Hall. [Domino] » 1/23/09 12:40pm 1/23/09 12:40pm

Oldie But Baddie

Former Cosmo » 11/10/08 4:20pm 11/10/08 4:20pm EIC Helen Gurley Brown is a self-proclaimed "diet nut," and unearthed this terrible-sounding recipe that Brown for a 1984 issue of the magazine. The recipe is for "Skinny Hot-Buttered Rum" and consists of fake butter, fake sugar, boiling water and rum. "I substitute fake ingredients for all of the…

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! No, It's Anna Wintour's Dress

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute's annual gala: Oh, it happened all right. And though you now know who made it into the the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly category of "fashion's Oscars," we know you're just dying to know what the media themselves had to say about the yearly orgy of fashion and fame. (At… » 5/07/08 2:20pm 5/07/08 2:20pm

Like A Good Republican, Nancy Reagan Wore Red