Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Looking Hard as Fuck

» 3/18/15 5:50pm 3/18/15 5:50pm

Lindsey Graham Makes Cool & Original Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Joke

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), possibly as part of a secret ongoing push to be named the next host of The Daily Show, made an incredibly clever and original joke about Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi. » 3/04/15 3:30pm 3/04/15 3:30pm

Someone Please Help Nancy Pelosi Escape This John Boehner Kiss

Ohio Republican and man-sized Oompa Loompa John Boehner was re-elected today to his third term as speaker for the House of Representatives, despite some two dozen fractious Tea Partiers voting against him for not being anti-Obama enough. To celebrate, Boehener gave Nancy Pelosi the most uncomfortable kiss in the… » 1/06/15 5:20pm 1/06/15 5:20pm

Guy Fieri Is Making Kale for Thanksgiving

In today's Tweet Beat, a Guy Fieri Thanksgiving special, Katy Perry continues to try very hard and I'm not so sure Nacy Pelosi understands what "good for you" means in this context. » 11/26/14 8:00pm 11/26/14 8:00pm

Rep. Tammy Duckworth has given birth to a baby girl. Duckworth, who was just reelected in Illinois, had requested she be able to vote by proxy in the Democratic caucus elections because she was unable to travel due to her pregnancy. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi rejected her request, a move Jon Stewart pointed… » 11/21/14 10:05am 11/21/14 10:05am

Megyn Kelly's Kids Think She's Just a Normal Mom

Megyn Kelly's kids think she's Susie Homemaker, not a formidable Fox News anchor who has accused Nancy Pelosi of sexism and declared Santa white. This is probably better for the kids and, honestly, won't someone think of the children? » 10/22/14 3:10pm 10/22/14 3:10pm

Nancy Pelosi Brings Her Smile and Judgment to TLC's Next Great Baker

Nancy Pelosi, tweeter of the words "Mr. President" and “dark chocolate” in the same 140 characters, is taking her talents to TLC’s Next Great Baker. Let Capitol Hill rejoice. » 8/11/14 1:40pm 8/11/14 1:40pm

Megyn Kelly Finds Nancy Pelosi Guilty of Sexism for Critiquing SCOTUS

During a press conference Thursday, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Americans "should be afraid" of the Supreme Court as it stands now, due to the fact that cases like Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. are being decided by a predominantly conservative male court. Megyn Kelly thinks this is sexism. » 7/11/14 11:00am 7/11/14 11:00am

New 'Cool' Conservative Website Ads Are a Sexist Pile of Garbage

Breitbart, a #cool news outlet for #hip #conservatives who like to #chill with #friends on the #net, is in some hot water today, after ads hyping the launch of its West Coast-centric site Breitbart California featured Miley Cyrus on all fours with Nancy Pelosi's head 'shopped over and Mark Zuckerberg with breasts.… » 4/07/14 5:20pm 4/07/14 5:20pm

A power lunch to end them all: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Nancy Pelosi sat down with New York Times' Philip Galanes to talk immaculate suits, hand gestures, marriage, each other, and the "attraction business": » 4/06/14 1:30pm 4/06/14 1:30pm

Nancy Pelosi Did David Letterman's Top 10 Last Night

So maybe there's a reason Nancy Pelosi's not a professional comedian (although she could be a professional clown because Washington, D.C.'s a real circus, if ya know what I mean! WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA!), but you have to give Madam Speaker credit for being a good sport when she stopped by Letterman to read the "Top 10"… » 11/06/13 2:40pm 11/06/13 2:40pm

In Russia, Woman Owns You

» 9/12/13 3:20pm 9/12/13 3:20pm

Nancy Pelosi's Response to Michele Bachmann Is the Best Thing Ever

Following today's DOMA ruling, Congresswoman/jewel-eyed snow witch Michele Bachmann released the following statement: » 6/26/13 3:15pm 6/26/13 3:15pm

Nancy Pelosi and Ice-T to Be Amazing on 30 Rock's Series Finale (Sob)

Usually when sitcoms bust out the celebrity cameos, it's time to say goodbye. Such is the case with our beloved 30 Rock, and they're going out with a one-two celebrity punch that has me very excited. Congressional HBiC (and person who gave me tickets to the 2009 inauguration*) Nancy Pelosi and Fin Tutuola Ice-T will… » 1/04/13 10:50am 1/04/13 10:50am

Study Suggests That Deep-Voiced Female Candidates Are Slightly More…

A super helpful new study from Can't Stop, Won't Stop U...niversity of Miami suggests that we, as a lowing aggregate of voting cattle, respond strongest to the most gravelly, Clint Eastwood lower among us when we're deciding on who to put at the head of a stampede. That means that both men and women, the research… » 12/13/12 4:20pm 12/13/12 4:20pm

Nancy Pelosi Totally Pushed the Mute Button on a Call With Barack…

The nation is still abuzz about Romney's "47%" secret video fiasco, so it's only natural that the Romney-Ryan campaign would yearn to release their own super confidential political discussion. But it seems like they couldn't find one and thus went with a rather lackluster Plan B by dramatizing an anecdote from Bob… » 9/24/12 1:05pm 9/24/12 1:05pm

Nancy Pelosi Reassures Us That the GOP Platform Is a Constipated Mess…

Nancy Pelosi, the Edward Teach to the GOP's fastidious merchant ships, answered some questions posed to her by Raw Story's Megan Carpentier about the major differences between the way the Democratic Party platform addresses women's issues vs. the Republican Party platform about what to do with the baby-making androids » 9/05/12 9:30am 9/05/12 9:30am

Watch Nancy Pelosi Mom-Dance at Barney Frank's Wedding Reception

If you ever wished that you could watch California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi cutting a rug to ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man," then today is your lucky day. » 7/10/12 4:20pm 7/10/12 4:20pm