The Gorgeous Dresses and Hot Messes of the Oscars Red Carpet

Last night at the 85th annual Academy Awards, for the most part, the look on the red carpet was classic Hollywood glamour. Like rare birds during mating season, A-listers tried to outshine each other, and some of the bright plumage and peacockery on display was truly stunning. Alas, there were a few sartorial missteps… » 2/25/13 11:20am 2/25/13 11:20am

Luscious Locks, Pretty Frocks and Bradley Cooper's Shiny Suit: the…

Last night at the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala presented by The Los Angeles Times — held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel — most of the stars looked great. Glam hair, dreamy dresses. Although a few folks made some bad decisions. Hey, it's not a celebrity red carpet without some ugly ensembles! Let's take a look,… » 10/23/12 2:40pm 10/23/12 2:40pm

Paula Deen Would Like You to Associate Her Name with 'Hope,' and Not…

On Nancy O'Dell's HGTV show Celebrities at Home last night, Paula Deen made an impassioned plea to the American public: "When you hear the name Paula Deen," she said. "I want you to think of the word 'hope.'" Well, good luck with that, Paula. But seriously, people, could we maybe stop being so gleeful about Paula… » 6/15/12 8:00pm 6/15/12 8:00pm

Red Carpet Is A Little Bit Country, And A Lot Glam

The Academy of Country Music — or ACM — Awards brought country royalty to Vegas, with clothes to match. » 4/04/11 10:30am 4/04/11 10:30am

Taylor Swift continues to reign in this gorgeous, sunny, sophisticated Elie Saab. The Judds! Going, it would seem, steampunk. Which is their prerogative as country royalty. AnnaSophia Robb goes for total…

Demi Lovato Snorted Coke "Like A Pro"

Is This The Worst Dress J.Lo's Ever Worn?

J.Lo, Joan Collins and Lucci, oh my! Not to mention Gladys Knight, Halle and Paris. Unless you have a very high tolerance for glitz, glam and cleavage, avert your eyes from the 32nd Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Gala! » 10/25/10 10:23am 10/25/10 10:23am

Claire Danes Shills For Weird Lash Product; Christian Siriano Returns…

Everyone's A Winner At The Critic's Choice Awards

Awards show season kept rolling right along last night with the 15th annual Critic's Choice Awards, and though not everyone left with a statue, the night was a victory for mostly everyone on the red carpet. » 1/16/10 11:40am 1/16/10 11:40am

Where Are The Sequins?! Country Music Awards Styles Go Safe

Look, everyone knows the country music community is totally modern and sophisticated. But is it wrong to wish that Reba, Taylor, Carrie, Faith and, yes, Nicole Kidman, were a little less elegant and a bit more...festive? Thank goodness for Stetsons! » 11/12/09 10:30am 11/12/09 10:30am

Mutual Admiration, Frocks At Noble Awards

The Noble Awards honors "outstanding charities and celebrity activism." So much for virtue being its own reward! But last night, at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the stars looked virtuous - and chic! - indeed. Most of them, that is. » 10/19/09 10:30am 10/19/09 10:30am

Loose Lips

Poor Eve! The paw-boobed rapper had a minor panic attack en route to Australia for a performance. "Yeah, I was having a little panic attack. Getting up on stage in a different country always makes you as nervous as you are excited," she told the Australian Daily Telegraph. • Nicole Kidman is "really excited" for her… » 4/24/08 11:45am 4/24/08 11:45am

Leatherheads Yes, But Fashionable Ones

Let's face it — you already know everything you need to know about Leatherheads: George Clooney, John Krasinski (left), Renee Zellweger. And all three of the film's stars looked hot at the movie's premiere last night in L.A. (Also, George Clooney's parents are the cutest people ever.) And though, Fran Drescher's… » 4/01/08 10:30am 4/01/08 10:30am