12-Year-Old Nancy Drew Solves Real-Life Burglary Case

12-year-old Jessica Maple (if that isn't a great Nancy Drew-style name, I don't know what is) was supposed to spend her summer vacation learning about law enforcement, which she did. By solving a burglary case at her family's home in Georgia. » 8/20/11 4:05pm 8/20/11 4:05pm

Nancy Drew’s Sexy Secrets, Part 2: A Little History

The first Nancy Drew books were action-packed adventure stories ghostwritten by the first woman ever to receive a masters of journalism from the University of Iowa in 1927. » 5/12/10 6:40pm 5/12/10 6:40pm

Nancy Drew Comparisons Still Stalk Sotomayor

"Some critics of Sotomayor's candidacy worry that she may rely too much on empathy and intuition in Supreme Court deliberations. But, hey - it worked for Nancy!" — Misha Berson [Seattle Times, via GalleyCat] » 7/13/09 12:20pm 7/13/09 12:20pm

Nancy Drew, Sonia Sotomayor, & Feminism: Questions For Chelsea Cain

Sonia Sotomayor's revelation that she enjoyed Nancy Drew mysteries as a child has everyone speculating on how the books might have influenced her. We asked Chelsea Cain, author of Nancy Drew parody Confessions of a Teen Sleuth for her take. » 6/08/09 4:20pm 6/08/09 4:20pm

Nancy Drew, Heroine To Nerd Girls Everywhere

I was a nerd growing up — still am, I guess, if I'm going to be honest about it. I got my first set of braces just before the 4th grade, the same year I got my first pair of glasses, so I had buck teeth, a mouth full of metal, pink-framed glasses and Bettie Page bangs years before they started being cool again. I was… » 6/23/08 11:30am 6/23/08 11:30am

For all you burgeoning girl detectives out there, The Official Nancy Drew Handbook is available for all your sleuthing needs. There's even an entire section on how to keep your hair looking neat while driving in a convertible. [Outblush] » 1/02/08 6:20pm 1/02/08 6:20pm

Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld Is Not At All Pompous