In The Future Everyone Will Have Naked Selfies Online

Back in the bad old days, all it took for a lady to get fired from teaching job or lose an election was flip the bird at or show her areolas to a digital camera. No longer. In fact, as a recent case in Texas shows, we're moving toward a future where the only response to revelations of a "naughty" digital past will be… » 10/10/13 11:25am 10/10/13 11:25am

It's Time To Add 'Adolescent Sexting Depression' To The DSM

More bad news on the kids-today front: kids who are sexting are more likely to be depressed. The only (sort of) silver lining is that kids in general may be recognizing that sending nude pics to each other is a bad idea. » 11/10/11 12:30pm 11/10/11 12:30pm

Aruba Travel Companion Had Naked Pictures Of Missing Woman

Gary Giordano (pictured, left) is being held in Aruba in connection with the disappearance of his traveling companion Robyn Gardner. Yesterday, we learned that he'd taken out a $1.5 million insurance policy on her prior to her death. Now it turns out that he may have had a camera containing nude pictures of her —… » 8/19/11 1:25pm 8/19/11 1:25pm

Cheating Ladies Are Sexting Without Shame

A new study purports to show that women are actually more likely to engage in sexting than men are. But a closer look reveals a different picture of the findings. » 7/15/11 4:34pm 7/15/11 4:34pm

Police Threaten Sexting Teens With Child Porn Charges

Police are threatening students at a New Jersey middle school with child pornography charges after a naked picture of a thirteen-year-old student made the rounds of their mobile phones. But there may not really be much authorities can do. » 5/20/11 3:30pm 5/20/11 3:30pm

Man Hacked Women's Email To Steal Naked Pictures

A California man has pled guilty to a crime one victim called "virtual rape": he hacked into hundreds of women's email accounts, found naked pictures, and sent them to everyone in the women's address books. » 1/14/11 4:40pm 1/14/11 4:40pm

Scott Brown's Centerfold: The Double Standard Of Beefcake-Gate

In the wake of Scott Brown's senatorial win, pundits are asking whether racy pics like those of him in a 1982 Cosmo would have torpedoed the campaign of a female candidate. » 1/20/10 4:00pm 1/20/10 4:00pm

Is The JFK Yacht Pic A Fake? • Roman Polanski Thanks All The Rape…

Somebody emailed TMZ to point out that the picture of John F. Kennedy sunning himself while two naked ladies leap into the water may actually be from a Playboy photo shoot. » 12/28/09 5:30pm 12/28/09 5:30pm

Sexting Suicides And The Dangers Of Digital Abuse

After a thirteen-year-old committed suicide due to sexting-related bullying, a poll found that both sexting and "digital abuse" are disturbingly common — and that the latter is associated with suicidal thoughts. » 12/03/09 9:30am 12/03/09 9:30am