The Latest Nail Art Trend Is Apparently Only for People Who Don't Have to Use Their Hands for Anything But Modeling Nail Art, Must Be Nice

You know how it is: one day you’re following Amber Rose on Instagram because she is perfect and your kids are the same age and you live near each other so *fingers crossed* you’ll be ready when you bump into her at Whole Foods. Ready for what? Ready to hit the heart button in real life! Anyway, so there you are… »9/02/15 1:33pm9/02/15 1:33pm


Pretty, Easy Nails: Sparkles & Stripes

No one wants to hear about Coachella any more, so we’re not going to tell you what inspired this nail art, only that you’ll need two types of tape to achieve it: Scotch and striping. This variety pack of striping tape was half off at Sally’s which made the gold roll we’re going to use about $.50. Excellent. Aside… »4/22/15 2:50pm4/22/15 2:50pm

Pretty, Easy Nails: Gradient or Ombré Glitter or Whatever You Call It?

Welcome back to "Jane Marie Has Some Repulsive-Ass Cuticles." Today we're going to do one of the easiest-to-create nail art looks using glitter. The great thing about this technique is that you can be totally messy and, sure, maybe individually your nails will look a little wonky, but as a set they'll be perfect. »3/12/15 6:30pm3/12/15 6:30pm