Mythbusters Take on Titanic: Jack Didn't Have to Die

In a new episode of Mythbusters, Adam and Jamie decide to re-enact the end of Titanic. Sort of: They're not in the North Atlantic, and they're not dressed in 1912 garb. But they do figure out a way to share the board, and increase its buoyancy by tying Rose's life vest underneath. Still, as James Cameron points out:… » 10/08/12 6:30pm 10/08/12 6:30pm

President Obama To Appear On Mythbusters

On December 8, President Obama will appear on Mythbusters in an effort to highlight science education. Obama will help determine whether Archimedes really set fire to a Roman fleet using mirrors, though this was already "busted" in a previous episode. » 10/18/10 9:23am 10/18/10 9:23am

Study: Baby Mozart Is A Load Of Crap

Listening to music, in general, helps to increase one's aptitude — but according to a recent study, it doesn't make a difference if that music is Mozart, Bach, Pearl Jam — hell, even GWAR might help. [Daily Mail] » 5/11/10 3:30pm 5/11/10 3:30pm

The Mystery Of The G-Spot: Untangling The Headlines

A little over a week ago, the media began reporting that the g-spot - or, as it's less sexily known, the Gräfenberg spot - does not exist. Our commenters immediately called bullshit, as did many experts. » 1/11/10 12:20pm 1/11/10 12:20pm

AskMen Asks A Woman For The 5 Lies All Females Tell

AskMen has done the research and come up with a helpful list, "5 Lies All Women Tell." With a title like that how could they go wrong? » 7/08/09 2:00pm 7/08/09 2:00pm

What's The Deal With The Relationship Between Girls And Unicorns?

After a one-horned deer popped up in Italy this week, girls (us included) have delighted at the idea that this genetic flaw was proof of a real live unicorn. So what is it exactly about unicorns that intrigues little girls so much? Time has come out with a story on the history of the unicorn (or, rather, the folklore… » 6/13/08 1:30pm 6/13/08 1:30pm