Indiana State House Majority Leader Resigns in Bizarre Sex Video Scandal 

Indiana State House Majority Leader Jud McMillin — invariably described as a “rising star” in the Republican party — has speedily resigned after a cellphone video of a sex act was reportedly sent to people in his contacts list. McMillin subsequently sent out a mass text claiming his cellphone was “stolen in Canada.”… »9/30/15 9:24am9/30/15 9:24am


Mystery: Who Impersonated a Reporter to Doxx a Sexual Assault Victim?

Last month, Jezebel ran a piece written by a woman who had filed a successful complaint against accused Columbia rapist Paul Nungesser. She chose to remain anonymous to protect herself. Days later, her identity was doxxed on the website of a well-known bumbling wannabe conservative provocateur famed for his unethical… »6/02/15 5:10pm6/02/15 5:10pm

Tiger Loose in French Suburbs Not Actually Tiger, So Like, What Is It

As of yesterday, everything in the Paris metropolitan area seemed so simple, or at least as simple as everything can seem in the Paris metropolitan area when there is a tiger on the loose. But as of today, this sightseeing road tiger has been revealed to be not a tiger but rather a dark and pressing mystery. »11/14/14 2:50pm11/14/14 2:50pm

Jack the Ripper’s Identity Revealed, Thanks to DNA Analysis

The 126-year-old mystery that has been the subject of countless investigations, books, movies, TV shows and general multigenerational fascination appears to have finally been solved. A forensic scientist claims he has proven the identity of Jack the Ripper, the notorious unidentified serial killer responsible of at… »9/07/14 3:00pm9/07/14 3:00pm

Two Little Girls Claim They're The Tiny Dancer In That NBC Viral Video

Sorry to sound all fusty and Tom Wolfe-ish, but it's nice to know that even in 2013, when teenage girls are getting pregnant in order to be on MTV and Princesses of Long Island is a show, and Kardashians happen, some people get famous because they're just irrepressible stars. Bright, shining motherfuckin' stars. »7/27/13 1:00pm7/27/13 1:00pm

The Anteater Baby Jesus Forgives You For Touching Yourself

Last month, Armani, a lady anteater at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center, gave birth to little Archie and mystified zoologists/the world, who had taken it upon themselves to cockblock Armani from their male anteater, Alf. Time-wise, Armani would have conceived when Alf was safely locked away in a separate pen. »5/18/13 5:30pm5/18/13 5:30pm

Florida Cat Goes on Real-Life Homeward Bound Catventure without Any Annoying Dogs

If Homeward Bound already seems largely impossible, consider how impossible it would have seemed if it took place in Florida and Sassy had to find her way home all on her own because Shadow and Chance weren't in it. Could you have endured such a harrowing adventure, over the course of which Sassy would lose about… »1/20/13 5:00pm1/20/13 5:00pm

Natalie Wood’s Death Certificate Quietly Changes from ‘Accident’ to ‘Undetermined’

Less than a year after the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reopened the Natalie Wood 1981 drowning case, the L.A. County Coroner filed documents last month, changing Wood's cause of death from "accident" to "undetermined." Investigators had determined that some of the bruises found on Wood's body were… »7/08/12 11:00am7/08/12 11:00am

Town Is Beset by Mysterious Loud Booms, Wishes They Would Fucking Stop Already

As you drift off to sleep tonight, angry that the toddler upstairs won't stop doing jumping jacks or that your next door neighbor's cat is in heat again, just remember that it could be worse. You could live in Clintonville, Wisconsin, where a series of mysterious booms has been occurring for the past few nights.… »3/21/12 11:20pm3/21/12 11:20pm

Detective Hillary Clinton Now Trying to Solve Amelia Earhart Mystery

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, former Presidential candidate, policy pioneer, passionate women's rights activist, and a real, live Leslie Knope for the world outside of Pawnee, IN, has decided to add another hat to the 50 or so she's already wearing: historical investigator. Thanks to new clues in the search for… »3/20/12 4:30pm3/20/12 4:30pm