Mykki Blanco Will Accept Snoog Dogg Even Though Snoop Dogg Doubts That…

In today's Tweet Beat, Mykki Blanco responds to Snoop Dogg's remark that the rap world may never embrace gay people, Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad gets frisky, and Twitter bids goodbye to Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello. » 4/08/13 7:30pm 4/08/13 7:30pm

Transvestite Rapper Mykki Blanco's New Video Invites Us to the Dark Side

Despite being a truly modern entity, there's something very old school punk rock about up-and-coming transvestite rapper Mykki Blanco. Maybe it's the way she evokes the gritty spirit of 1970s New York, her jerky Iggy Pop-like movements or the way she openly embraces what others might write off as debauched and ugly.… » 7/18/12 3:00pm 7/18/12 3:00pm

Meet Mykki Blanco, the New (Drag) Queen of Hip Hop

Perhaps you've heard of Mykki Blanco (né Michael David Quattlebaum), the cross-dressing rapper who is by all accounts The Shit right now, in which case, congratulations, you are much cooler than I was until this today. For the rest of you who, like me, are newbies to the ways of Blanco, prepare yourself — this isn't » 5/16/12 5:15pm 5/16/12 5:15pm