Your Days of Pounding the Ketchup Bottle Endlessly Are Finally Over

Ketchup never seems to want to come out of its bottle. It's an age-old problem that many people claim to have solved. ("Hit the '57' on the bottle three times with the heel of your hand!" "Stick a knife up in there!" "Use a squeeze bottle!") But now a smarty-pants at MIT seems to have fixed the problem once and for… »5/28/12 9:30pm5/28/12 9:30pm

Hugh Hefner's Girlfriend Is Oddly Discriminating About Wieners

On last night's episode of The Girls Next Door »11/17/08 3:40pm11/17/08 3:40pm, Bridget and Holly continued their search for a potential playmate for 's 55th anniversary issue. While in NYC, they decided that they wanted a hot dog. Bridget wanted mustard on hers, but was not satisfied with the mustard the vendors offered. (She only likes mustard,…