Zara Faces Criticism After a Paris Store Refused Entrance to a Muslim Woman

Zara, the Spanish retailer of fast fashion, is under fire after a video emerged showing an employee of a Paris-based store refusing entrance to a woman wearing a hijab. The man in the video tells her that people with any head coverings, including hats and hoodies, aren’t allowed in the store.
»11/18/15 9:00pm11/18/15 9:00pm


Rush Limbaugh Pretty Sure NASA Is Just 'Muslim Outreach' Now, Thanks Obama 

Earlier this week, wheezing reddened pile of bagpipes Rush Limbaugh objected to the news that there’s liquid water on Mars—it’s more like a “sneaky leftist agenda” on Mars to get people to care about climate change, he argued, for some reason. On Tuesday, he went ahead and brought Muslims into it, too. Why not. »9/30/15 7:00pm9/30/15 7:00pm

Everyone Taunts a Muslim Woman At 'Ugly' Conservative Benghazi Panel

How's this for a Downworthy headline? Earlier this week, the conservative Heritage Foundation sponsored a panel discussion on #Benghazi and a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf asked the panelists a question. What happened next will truly fulfill every negative conservative stereotype you can imagine. »6/17/14 9:50am6/17/14 9:50am

Muslim Women Shockingly Not Grateful for Topless European Ladies Trying To 'Save' Them

FEMEN, the "sextremist" feminist group known for staging topless protests, declared yesterday "International Topless Jihad Day" in solidarity with Amina Tyler, a 19 year old Tunisian activist who had received death threats after posting topless pictures of herself to Femen's Tunisian Facebook page. She had written… »4/05/13 1:10pm4/05/13 1:10pm

Muslims and Hindus Are Much Less Likely to Have Sex Before Marriage

U.S. states that preach abstinence-only education based on Christian values end up with sky-high teen pregnancy rates and scores of guilty young people wondering What Jesus Would Do with their purity rings. A new study in the American Sociological Review found that evangelical virginity-pledgers could learn a thing… »10/29/12 10:55am10/29/12 10:55am

Muslim Voters Are Pretty Frustrated with France's New Minister for Women’s Rights

Since newly-elected French President François Hollande appointed her to his cabinet as the minister for women's rights (and made her the official government spokesperson to boot), Najat Vallaud-Belkacem's most high-profile order of business was her pledge to "see prostitution disappear" in Paris. This came as a pretty… »7/16/12 11:55pm7/16/12 11:55pm

Muslim-American Comics Attempt to Heal Intolerance with Laughter

Here's the trailer for the upcoming The Muslims Are Coming! — a documentary that follows a group of Muslim-American comics as they tour the country attempting to confront and heal Islamaphobia through jokes and outreach. They hit several roadblocks, some set up by the very community they're representing, but,… »4/18/12 4:15pm4/18/12 4:15pm

Lowe's Facebook Page Explodes With Bigoted Hate Speech

Look, I'm no PR expert, but it can't be good for your brand to have folks writing stuff like, "I proudly admit to hating Islam" on your official Facebook page. After pulling ads from TLC's All-American Muslim, Lowe's issued a tepid apology on Facebook, which read, in part, "It appears that we managed to step into a… »12/14/11 12:25pm12/14/11 12:25pm

Christian Group Pressures Lowe's Into Pulling Ads From All-American Muslim

The whole point of TLC's All-American Muslim — which follows families living in Dearborn, Michigan — is to humanize folks who live in the U.S. and practice Islam. They have close-knit relationships, love football, and feel anxious about the first day of school, just like any other Americans. But home improvement… »12/12/11 11:20am12/12/11 11:20am

Muslim Woman Gives The Stinkeye At Suggestion That Islam Is 'Simple To Follow'

All-American Muslim's Nina Bazzy does not wear a hijab or abaya — she prefers her ensembles to be tight and short. She's a successful party planner, and wants to open a club, but her parents consider that to be preposterous, because she is a woman. Her mother told her that a woman needs to be home with her family;… »12/05/11 12:30pm12/05/11 12:30pm

Coach Makes Tough Decision: Dinner At White House Or Football Practice?

On last night's All-American Muslim, we saw Coach Zaban get invited to the White House for the annual Ramadan Iftar (fast breaking) dinner. The coach had a tough time deciding whether or not he should go, since football is so important to Fordson High and the dinner was happening the same night as the first practice… »11/28/11 3:00pm11/28/11 3:00pm