Would You Call Your Fave Musician for Love Advice? Well, Now You Can! 

We currently occupy an era in which a great many pop artists are thirsting to associate themselves with the latest technologies—Madonna releasing new videos on Snapchat and Meerkat, Jay-Z’s acquisition of Tidal, etc.—with the assumption that these things will make them more accessible to the youth market or, at the… » 4/24/15 6:50pm Friday 6:50pm

Perfect Pussy Tour Diary, Part 2: Turbans, Sparklers, and Deerhoof (!)

So far, our (hungover, sleep deprived) heroes are, in relative terms, coasting: none of the usual van trouble, broken cell phones, or robberies of tours past. This is not to say that all is right with the stars. Let’s watch as they cross an invisible border to a magical land where people still smoke cigarettes… » 4/24/15 3:10pm Friday 3:10pm

Jubilee's 24-Hour Product Diary: What Does a Club DJ Wear to Work?

Let’s just start out by saying that my bathroom looks like a cosmetics counter exploded everywhere. This bathroom is inexplicable: I am usually in sweatpants and Nike slides, and I barely even wear make-up during the day, except for black liquid eyeliner which I have been wearing since before I could even drive a… » 4/22/15 5:02pm Wednesday 5:02pm

Take It Easy in the Most Beautiful Way Possible With Wet's 'Deadwater'

Last year, the New York indie trio Wet released one of the most gorgeous, tight, intuitively correct debut EPs in a minute, and now they’ve started releasing new music in advance of their upcoming album. “Deadwater” has them sounding fresh and clean and familiar: as in most of the tracks on their EP, vocalist Kelly… » 4/22/15 11:30am Wednesday 11:30am

Would You Vote for Waka Flocka for Prez? Cause He's Running (Kinda)

In case you missed the 13 million tweets (and probably texts) reminding you, yesterday was 420. For the occasion of the holiday of our lord (Lord von Weedman), one of the world’s most dedicated herbalists announced his candidacy for president. That man is Waka Flocka Flame. » 4/21/15 2:10pm 4/21/15 2:10pm

Nicki Minaj's Coachella Cameo With Drake: A Deeply Unbothered Catwalk

Drake and his dropcrotch pants, perhaps seeking to erase the memory of last week’s Madonna kiss, brought out the true queen of pop for his Coachella weekend two performance: Nicki Minaj, patron saint of baddies, boss b’s and other styles of killa chicas who won’t take none. » 4/20/15 2:30pm 4/20/15 2:30pm

Let's All Start Listening to Kehlani Though 

Kehlani's a 19-year-old R&B singer-songwriter from Oakland, and although she's been releasing sunny, hard, soulful jams online steadily over the past year (see her Cloud 19 tape from last fall), she's been coming in extremely hot over the last month with some new stuff, in advance of her upcoming and… » 4/15/15 4:45pm 4/15/15 4:45pm

Gosh, I Love Amara La Negra. Watch Her New Video for 'Asi'!

Amara La Negra aka the queen of my life just dropped the video for her hit "tuerk" anthem "Asi," which casts the cotton candy-voiced rapper all around a hypercolor Miami variously booty popping and running shit over a Brazilian funk-influenced riddim. It's a pretty simple concept, but an effective, tried and true way… » 4/13/15 8:39pm 4/13/15 8:39pm

Watch Charli XCX, Tinashe & Ty Dolla $ign Perform With Dancing Kitties

I enjoy how Charli, Tinashe, and Ty's performance of "Drop That Kitty" at the MTV Movie Awards was literal, in that it included a chorus line of dancers booty-popping in pink kitten costumes. But still, it could have gone farther—were real cats unavailable? They are in Hollywood, there are definitely some trained… » 4/13/15 12:30pm 4/13/15 12:30pm

You Need to Watch Shura's Bendy, Rose-Tinged Video for '2Shy'

"2Shy" is the fourth single from Shura, a London trio fronted by singer-songwriter/producer Alexandra Denton, and it's their best—although it's seated firmly in the nostalgia zone of r&b synth-pop that's dominated the blogs, if not the charts, for years, "2Shy" works within the genre to generate something pristine and… » 4/10/15 7:20pm 4/10/15 7:20pm