Charli XCX Made a Wonderful Documentary About Feminism in Pop

Just two minutes into Charli XCX’s documentary about feminism in pop, The F Word And Me, Charli is seen doing press before her set at the Glastonbury Festival in London . After a female reporter asks her which essential item she’d bring to a festival (“Vodka,” says Charli), it cuts to an off-camera male interviewer… »Wednesday 4:40pm11/25/15 4:40pm


Yes Johnny Depp, Please Tell Me About 'Obscure Blues' Songs

Our nation’s collective boners for Johnny Depp—once a heartthrob, now no more—have been deflated for several years. And yet Depp’s continued devotion to reminding us of our lack of tumescence rolls on with each interview he gives about his new favorite activities: making bad movies, and marrying a young hottie who… »Tuesday 3:00pm11/24/15 3:00pm

Adele Seriously Needs to Emphasize Her Damn Consonants

Adele’s “Hello,” the most popular song on earth, is a miasma of sustained notes and guttural emotion conveying heartbreak that is viscerally relatable to just about everyone over the age of eight. But even if you like the song and its itinerant remixes, it has one clear drawback, as recently illuminated by the New… »11/19/15 12:20pm11/19/15 12:20pm

Angie Stone On Feeling Unloved and Being Influenced by Amy Winehouse

Angie Stone has no problem calling herself a “has-been,” even though that term might as well be a relic itself. In music at least, it’s much easier for veteran singers to reclaim their former fame (Madonna, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott recently), as long as the music is good. Still, when it was time to consider… »11/19/15 12:10pm11/19/15 12:10pm

Watch a Modern Dance Odyssey From Itinerant French-Iranian Artist Lafawndah

This is “Tan,” the debut video from Paris-based musician Lafawndah’s forthcoming EP of the same name. Setting aside the video for a moment, there is not much else out there like her new music at present, whether in vocal tone or urgency or the beats’ unwillingness to adhere to a particular pattern or preset. It’s a… »11/18/15 4:25pm11/18/15 4:25pm

David Hasselhoff's Ibiza DJ Musical Is All of My Wildest Dreams Realized

To what magical twist of fate do we owe this beautiful occurrence? David Hasselhoff has been starring as a CLUB DJ in a STAGE MUSICAL about IBIZA, called Last Night a DJ Saved My Life after the seminal Indeep song and subsequent historical text by Bill Brewster. People whose spiritual Venn Diagram intersects at club… »11/06/15 11:50am11/06/15 11:50am

NON-RIHMERGENCY: The Many False Alarms for Rihanna's ANTI Album

In the months (now more than a year) leading up to her eighth album, Rihanna has managed to twist everyone’s psyche in anticipation of its release. The latest word is that ANTI—a title she announced in October with a formal art unveiling—is coming out in December. Perhaps it is. »11/04/15 1:00pm11/04/15 1:00pm

You Want the Bip Burger

Bip Ling is one of England’s greatest exports, a blogging artist, DJ and vocalist who comes equipped with her own funny vocabulary, “bipping” and “mooching” all over the internet. (Bipasha Ling is her real name, though; she is the daughter of artist Tanya Ling and fashion illustration curator William Ling, which also… »10/30/15 8:10pm10/30/15 8:10pm

Carrie Brownstein Finds the Home Within In Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a document of self-actualization. These days, most people likely know of author Carrie Brownstein from Portlandia, her creepily-accurate Portland parody sketch show, and might actually be taken aback by how seriously she takes her music criticism. After all, she maintained a music… »10/30/15 4:20pm10/30/15 4:20pm