Tinashe, Halsey, Dej Loaf and Lion Babe Are the New Faces of MAC

MAC Cosmetics has always been progressive—never forget that its first Viva Glam spokesperson was RuPaul Charles, in a campaign benefiting AIDS research—but as of today they’re in the business of hooking up quasi-emerging musicians with their own signature cosmetics, a la that Rihanna lipstick you can’t find, but for…

Inside the Battle for Control of Janet Jackson, 30 Years After Control

In the mid 1980s, Janet Jackson emerged as a symbol of young black feminism who would go on to shape two, or three, generations; her bewitching blend of self assuredness and sexuality in pop proved so salient that today, 30 years after Control was released, young artists like Tinashe are still sampling its b-sides.

The Smashing Pumpkins Are Touring With Liz Phair and It's Suddenly 1995 Again

Ah, smell the whiff of new plastic as you crack open the CD-ROM mailed to you by AOL Online to commemorate this glorious year that is 1995. You’re giddy with anticipation to check out what this whole information superhighway thingy is all about, but your excitement is only second to the concert you’re seeing tonight:…

Beyoncé & Coldplay Go to India For Latest Video and It Gets Hairy

Bey’s collaboration with Coldplay, presumably to be debuted publicly at Superbowl halftime, is called “Hymn for the Weekend” and now has a video, shot in Mumbai, with a guest appearance from the beloved Punjabi actress Sonam Kapoor, of Bollywood fame. Directed by Ben Mor, it depicts street scenes and curious, probably…

Dawn Richard Continues Being One of the Most Innovative Musicians Around With 'Not Above That'

In the glory years of Timbaland and the Neptunes—the mid 1990s to the early 2000s—the stars they produced were made not just because those stars had starpower, but because there was something holistically unique, exciting, and innovative about their sound. To use the most obvious (and most-cited) example, Aaliyah was…


Rihanna Actually Dropped Her New Song 'Work,' Featuring Drake. Anti Is Real! 

Anti is not our adult Santa, as we’ve come to fear; Anti may, in fact, be real, and at the very least “Work,” featuring Drake, is incredibly real, insofar that downloading something off Tidal for $1.29 after three attempts to pay is “real.” Never mind that, though: here’s a new freakin’ Rihanna song!