Get Turned On at the Antique Vibrator Museum

The Antique Vibrator Museum is the brainchild of founder Joani Blank, who decided to put her 20-years-worth of antique collecting on display in order to educate the general public about the cheeky history behind the vibrator. Turns out, Sears was selling your Grandmother more than just vacuum cleaners in the 60′s. The »10/17/13 10:16pm10/17/13 10:16pm

Vancouver Women Complains That Museum’s ‘Whale Bone Porn’ Is Tickling Too Many Moby Dicks

A woman from Vancouver named Ann Pimentel has mounted a minor (and belated) modesty crusade against the Vancouver Maritime Museum's 19th century scrimshaw exhibit. Pimentel is worried that the exhibit will somehow damage her young children more than her aggressive sense of decorum, and she is demanding that the VMM… »3/24/13 5:00pm3/24/13 5:00pm