Man Kills Wife & Two Children, Friends Suggest She's At Fault For 'Belittling' Him

On Monday night in Cross River, New York, Sam Friedlander beat his wife to death with a table leg, shot their two young children in their beds, then turned the gun on himself. It's an incredibly horrific crime, and you might be feeling pretty bad for the wife and the two kids right now — but first, you should consider… »10/19/11 10:35pm10/19/11 10:35pm

River Murder-Suicide Mom Left Goodbye Note On Facebook

Before driving her car into the Hudson River and killing herself and three of her children, Lashanda Armstrong apparently posted on Facebook, "I'm sorry everyone forgive me please for what I'm gonna do… This is it!!!" Also, her sister says she had been showing signs of paranoia prior to her death: "She was talking to… »4/15/11 12:50pm4/15/11 12:50pm