One Teen Charged, Two Others Detained in Rape and Murder of Indiana Pastor's Wife Amanda Blackburn 

One teenager has been charged and police have detained two other men in the death of Amanda Blackburn, 28, a pregnant Indianapolis woman who was raped and shot in the head in her home on November 10. Authorities are claiming the three suspects referred to themselves as “The Kill Gang.” »Monday 9:00am11/23/15 9:00am


This Week In Tabloids: Jen and Justin's Friend May Have Been Murdered During Their Honeymoon?!

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we head back to the less-reliable newsstand, find ourselves pleasantly surprised to see that they have all the tabloids in stock, grab the four we need, wait in line behind a person buying even more tabloids than you, think about tapping her on the shoulder and saying, “Excellent… »11/18/15 3:50pm11/18/15 3:50pm

Mother Kills Son in Hospital Room Before Taking Own Life

An Arizona mother named Lola “Tammy” Griffith, whose child was a patient at a Phoenix-area children’s hospital, took his life before she took her own. Nurses found Griffith and 5-year-old Helious, dead inside the child’s hospital room during a 2 a.m. bed check. While police have not disclosed how the boy passed away,… »11/08/15 4:00pm11/08/15 4:00pm

Have You Heard the One About the Murdered Sorority Girls? 

Florida State University’s Chi Omega house looks exactly as a sorority house should: large and stately, with a conservative symmetry in its manicured lawn and beige portico that transmits the values of the sisters who live there. With large Greek letters on its exterior and hand-painted banners hung from its… »10/29/15 1:30pm10/29/15 1:30pm

Man Calls TV Station, Admits to 33-Year-Old Unsolved Murder

13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek died in 1982. For over 30 years, her murder has remained unsolved, although the Wisconsin police did have suspicions that 17-year-old Jose Ferreira had killed her. Now, Ferreira has finally confessed, but not by going to the police: he called a local TV station to let them know that he’d… »10/19/15 6:30pm10/19/15 6:30pm

Kathie Durst's Family to Pursue Wrongful Death Suit Against Robert Durst

On Thursday afternoon, the family of Kathie Durst began the process of filing a wrongful death civil suit against Robert Durst, the 72-year-old subject of the HBO documentary series, The Jinx. The move seems slightly inevitable, given that Durst essentially admitted to having “killed them all, of course” on the show. »10/16/15 1:50pm10/16/15 1:50pm

Woman Allegedly Murdered 42 Years Ago Is Found Alive, Doing Better Than Most Corpses

In 1973, two Pennsylvania deputy game protectors found a dead body near a U.S. Army post. The corpse was female, naked, and stripped of all jewelry and identifying information. In addition, her body was buried without too much care under tarps and slabs of wood, making her much easier to discover than expected. For… »10/15/15 1:30pm10/15/15 1:30pm

Oregon Shooter Described as an Isolated Weirdo Who Hated Organized Religion 

Media outlets are quickly uncovering details about Chris Harper Mercer, 26, identified last night as the shooter who killed ten people and injured seven at the Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on Thursday. His neighbors describe him as an isolated, cranky weirdo in camo pants who frequently yelled at them,… »10/02/15 10:30am10/02/15 10:30am

Domestic Abuser Released from Jail, Murders Woman He Was Convicted of Abusing, Two Other Exes

A Canadian man imprisoned for choking a woman two years ago was released in December. Months later, he’s accused of murdering that woman and two others, all believed to be his ex-girlfriends. New reports have also revealed that the suspect, Basil Borutski, had a long history of violent and disturbing behavior against… »9/25/15 4:45pm9/25/15 4:45pm

A Friendship You'd Kill For: The Twisted Fantasies of Heavenly Creatures' Pauline and Juliet

In 1953, Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme met in Christchurch, New Zealand. The two girls grew so attached it frightened their parents. The Hulmes made plans to remove Juliet to South Africa, indefinitely separating her from Pauline. But Juliet, 15 at the time, and Pauline, 16, were determined not to be parted.… »9/23/15 11:55am9/23/15 11:55am

Man Pleads Insanity to Killing Wife After Eating Weed Candy

A Denver man who was accused of murdering his wife after eating weed candy has now changed his plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. The tragic incident occurred in April 2014 when Kristine Kirk was on a 911 call, telling dispatchers that her husband, Richard Kirk, had been acting erratically after eating an… »9/19/15 6:15pm9/19/15 6:15pm

Comatose Woman Wakes to Reveal Her Alleged Suicide Attempt Was Really Murder

An Italian woman who went into a coma following a 115-foot fall from a cruise ship balcony in July has woken to deny reports that she had tried to commit suicide. Now police are investigating her boyfriend, who the victim says was abusive. “I don’t know if he pushed me, but I certainly didn’t want to commit suicide,”… »9/04/15 3:50pm9/04/15 3:50pm