Mumbai Mom Posts India's First-Ever Gay Marriage Ad for Her Son

Gay marriage is not only illegal, it’s criminalized in India. But that didn’t stop one mother of a human rights activist from posting an ad in the paper seeking an arrangement for her son, who she was worried might be lonely after she was gone. The groom’s now got six offers; he wants much, much more. »5/21/15 2:00pm5/21/15 2:00pm


Two More Men Arrested in Latest Horrifying Indian Gang Rape

Two more men have been arrested in the gang rape of a photojournalist in India. Police in Mumbai announced that they arrested a fourth suspect on Saturday and a fifth suspect on Sunday after 19-year-old Chand Babu Sattar Shaikh reportedly confessed to the crime and named the other men involved while in police custody… »8/25/13 12:30pm8/25/13 12:30pm

More Female Cops Finally Allowed Outdoors in Mumbai

Last year, Mumbai's Police Commissioner promised the Bombay High Court that 33 percent of his force would soon consist of women constables. How's that going? Well, there are only about 300 women on the street right now — about 10 percent of the entire force — but Vivek Phansalkar, the joint police commissioner for… »8/14/12 1:00pm8/14/12 1:00pm

Sarah Palin's Wardrobe, The Universe Completely Crazy

The end of the week is a time to sit and digest the insanity that the week has spawned. More news on Sarah Palin's style? Check. Canadian Parliamentary crisis? Check. A Supreme Court case on Barack Obama's birth certificate? Yup, got that, too. Between all of that, plus calls for Robert Mugabe to resign, Tim Geithner… »12/05/08 10:00am12/05/08 10:00am