Drunk Aubrey Plaza Interrupts Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards

Was Aubrey Plaza wasted at the MTV Movie Awards last night? Maybe. As Will Ferrell was accepting his Comedic Genius Golden Popcorn award, Plaza stormed the stage and tried to pry the prize from his hands. "Are you okay?" Ferrell asked. When she couldn't wrestle the award from his grip, she retuned to her seat. Watch… » 4/15/13 9:30am 4/15/13 9:30am

MTV Movie Awards Will Star Channing Tatum's Pecs and Rebel Wilson's Ass

The MTV Movie Awards are coming — and the hosts, adorable Aussie trash talker Rebel Wilson and handsome head-on-shoulders Channing Tatum, look like they have the potential to be thoroughly delightful. The sexual chemistry isn't as strong as it was between Fey and Poehler or MacFarlane and song-and-dance, but it's… » 3/11/13 9:30pm 3/11/13 9:30pm

Joel McHale Is Jennifer Lawrence's Pervy (and Hilarious) Archery…

Hey, let's take a walk down memory lane and look back at one of the best moments from this past Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. Remember that night? How young we were with our neon nail polish, cut-off shorts and thrilled shrieks as Russell Brand took the stage? Of course you do! We felt so full of possibility in those… » 6/06/12 5:40pm 6/06/12 5:40pm

Fashion As Weaponry At MTV Movie Awards

Claw-like nails and embellishments that could come in handy around the prison yard seemed to be the trend at last night's MTV Movie Awards, giving a whole new meaning to fashion that's "painful." » 6/06/11 1:01pm 6/06/11 1:01pm

With Leighton Meester's sequins and mirrors and other shiny things, there was so much more going on with her dress…

5 Things You May Have Missed At The MTV Movie Awards

SNL's Jason Sudeikis successfully hosted last night's Movie Awards and...it was actually pretty good, right down to his jokes about being the father of January Jones' baby. Highlights include: Robert Pattinson passionately kissing Taylor Lautner, a star-studded Hangover parody, and Reese Witherspoon shames the… » 6/06/11 11:00am 6/06/11 11:00am