Bros on MTV's The Challenge Have a Theory on Why Women Are Inferior

Wanna know why men are athletically superior to women? Pea-brained castmember Zach Nichols had a totally logical explanation on Tuesday night's episode of MTV's The Challenge. Finally, someone can settle this. » 2/18/15 12:10pm 2/18/15 12:10pm

Add The T Word to the Many Ways Laverne Cox Is Changing the World

Laverne Cox is 5'11", maybe 6'4" in Louboutins, but her super-shiny, super-long blonde wig gives her the illusion of added height. Or maybe it's the metaphor: in the year and a half since Orange is the New Black began, Cox's star has grown exponentially, and as a public figure she is larger than life: the rare… » 10/17/14 2:10pm 10/17/14 2:10pm

Miley Cyrus's Homeless VMA Date Jesse Helt Is Wanted By Police

Miley Cyrus’ VMA date is wanted by the police. A native of Salem, Oregon, Jesse Andrew Helt left home to become a model but during the process found himself homeless and ditching his probation officer back home. » 8/26/14 4:50pm 8/26/14 4:50pm

Parents Television Council Is Still Not Happy With the VMAs

The biggest group of killjoys in America are still disappointed in MTV and the Video Music Awards. The Parents Television Council predictably kept their hands firmly gripped on their pearls throughout last night's show. » 8/25/14 2:30pm 8/25/14 2:30pm

Watch Beyoncé's Entire Flawless VMA Performance

During last night's Video Music Awards, Beyoncé melted the MTV stage by performing a medley of her latest self-titled album as a pre-cursor to accepting the 2014 Michael Jackson Vanguard Video award. And now you can relive the moment at your desk. Happy Monday! » 8/25/14 9:45am 8/25/14 9:45am

The 2014 VMAs Existed For Beyoncé

The Video Music Awards closed out with a performance by Beyoncé that was seemingly the entire point of the program. The lead up to her appearance and her acceptance of the 2014 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was long and paved with much mediocrity, but we were handsomely rewarded for our patience. » 8/25/14 12:21am 8/25/14 12:21am

Your 2014 VMAs Open Thread

The MTV VMAs are upon us! What cultural embarrassment will they unleash on unsuspecting music fans this year? Who will awkwardly lip sync and gyrate to forgettable pop songs this time around? » 8/24/14 8:15pm 8/24/14 8:15pm

Parents Television Council Would Like the VMAs to Tone It Down, Thanks

The Parents Television Council is upset that the MTV Video Music Awards are not as wholesome as the Kid's Choice awards. The censorship advocacy group has released a letter to MTV warning them to tone down this year's VMAs and, yes, it is possible that they are confused as to who they're talking to. » 8/18/14 2:20pm 8/18/14 2:20pm

MTV Pretends Lyric Videos Aren't Regular Videos, Gives Them an Award

MTV has done the totally thinkable and added the worst category they possibly could have added to the upcoming Video Music Awards: Best Lyric Video. Right, because what lyric videos needed was more validation that they're a thing that's different from a regular music video. » 8/15/14 2:00pm 8/15/14 2:00pm

How to Make the Perfect TRL Video

My fascination with music videos started in high school, when MTV started airing it's iconic countdown show, Total Request Live, or TRL. My somewhat-accidental career as a music video director began around the same time TRL aired it's final episode. Since then, videos have migrated to the internet, budgets have… » 8/15/14 11:30am 8/15/14 11:30am

Iggy Azalea to Resurrect MTV's House of Style. Meh.

Iggy Azalea is so fancy MTV gave her a dead show. Yay? House of Style will rise from its early aughts grave with the Aussie as its new host next month, dovetailing with the channel’s annual Video Music Awards. » 7/25/14 6:45pm 7/25/14 6:45pm

MTV's Virgin Territory Proves Virgins Are Our New Obsession

Hot on the heels of vampires and cronuts, our nation's next big fixation appears to be VIRGINS (i.e. just regular people who haven't done a couple of very narrowly defined things with their genitals). MTV's new virgin-focused reality show, Virgin Territory, premieres tonight, profiling non-humping young Americans of… » 7/16/14 3:30pm 7/16/14 3:30pm

Peter Dinklage Explains Everything About Game of Thrones in 45 Seconds

Peter Dinklage sat down with MTV and did an excellent job of summing up everything that's happened on Game of Thrones in 45 seconds. » 5/19/14 10:00am 5/19/14 10:00am

Laverne Cox Working on MTV Documentary About Trans Teens

Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox will executive produce and host an hour-long documentary to air on both MTV and Logo this fall called Trans Teen: The Documentary. » 4/29/14 12:40pm 4/29/14 12:40pm

16 and Pregnant Returns, Plus MTV Might Revive Original Teen Mom

MTV's flagship of unplanned-pregnancy-based reality shows, 16 and Pregnant, is returning for a fifth season of depressing stories about how girls irrevocably altered their lives by letting immature losers cum inside them. Additionally, there are rumors that the network is bringing back the original Teen Mom now that… » 3/20/14 4:00pm 3/20/14 4:00pm

The Real World Has Actually Gotten Really Real in Meta Moment

On last night's episode of The Real World, two cast members went into the ladies room of a noisy nightclub so they could privately talk shit on their roommates off camera. But then they remembered they were still wearing their microphones. One girl assured the other that she doesn't think the producers were going to… » 2/06/14 12:00pm 2/06/14 12:00pm

Madonna's Cameo on Miley's 'Unplugged' Was Beyond Uncomfortable

When news surfaced that Madonna would make an appearance on Miley Cyrus' western-themed 'Unplugged' set, I'm pretty sure we all collectively did a head tilt/grimace especially after Madonna's Grammys performance. As expected, the pop stars' mashup of 'Don't Tell Me' and 'We Can't Stop' is just uncomfortable and… » 1/30/14 11:40am 1/30/14 11:40am

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom Are Actually Preventing Teen Pregnancy

MTV's 16 and Pregnant and its spinoff Teen Mom may be directly responsible for reducing the birthrate of teens by nearly 6 percent since its premiere in 2009, according to a new study. Will these findings finally put a rest to the "but it glamorizes teen pregnancy" handwringing? » 1/13/14 1:40pm 1/13/14 1:40pm

All Hail Miley Cyrus, MTV's Choice for Artist of the Year (Seriously)

Today, kicking off all 2013 year-end lists to come, MTV has anointed Miley Cyrus as their artist of the year and the new "Queen of Pop." The "Achy Breaky Heart" offspring beat out Lady Gaga, the Queen of the Christmas Tree, and Katy Perry, the Queen of the Jungle, for the title. » 12/10/13 2:00pm 12/10/13 2:00pm

Awful Dresses and Hideous Hair at the MTV EMAs

Last night at MTV's European Music Awards, the fashion was all over the place. While some ladies opted for the usual music award show uniform — lots of skin/weird colors/patterns — some others were more conservative. Ladylike, even. That said: Hardly anyone looked good. Let's see, shall we? » 11/11/13 1:20pm 11/11/13 1:20pm