MTV's Latest Pilot Order: a Dark Rape Revenge Comedy & 2 Shows from Nicole Byer

In a push to create more female-focused content, MTV has ordered four new pilots, all led and created (at least in part) by women. The always delightful Nicole Byer, cast member of MTV’s Girl Code and the star and co-writer (alongside Saturday Night Live’s Sasheer Zamata) of the UCB’s perfect “Be Blacker” sketch, has… »9/08/15 7:00pm9/08/15 7:00pm


Did Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Copy K-Pop Superstars 2NE1?

Last night, as Taylor Swift pulled a classic derail on Nicki Minaj’s very important VMA tweets, Twitter user @chaelinfenty brought up an interesting point: “can we talk about how taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1,” she wrote, not a question but a declaration.
»7/22/15 12:14pm7/22/15 12:14pm

Add The T Word to the Many Ways Laverne Cox Is Changing the World

Laverne Cox is 5'11", maybe 6'4" in Louboutins, but her super-shiny, super-long blonde wig gives her the illusion of added height. Or maybe it's the metaphor: in the year and a half since Orange is the New Black began, Cox's star has grown exponentially, and as a public figure she is larger than life: the rare… »10/17/14 2:10pm10/17/14 2:10pm

MTV's Virgin Territory Proves Virgins Are Our New Obsession

Hot on the heels of vampires and cronuts, our nation's next big fixation appears to be VIRGINS (i.e. just regular people who haven't done a couple of very narrowly defined things with their genitals). MTV's new virgin-focused reality show, Virgin Territory, premieres tonight, profiling non-humping young Americans of… »7/16/14 3:30pm7/16/14 3:30pm