Donald Trump Says Women Who Get an Abortion Must Have 'Some Form of Punishment'

Just when you think Donald Trump’s opinions about women and their rights had reached rocked bottom, he managed to quarry even further into some ring of hell that, until previously, only existed in Dante’s Inferno. On Wednesday, while speaking with Chris Matthews on MSNBC, Trump said that he believes abortion should be…

Here's Susan Sarandon Suggesting Donald Trump Might Be Better for the Country Than Hillary Clinton

Susan Sarandon went on All in With Chris Hayes Monday night, where she opined that maybe it would be better to vote for malfunctioning wind turbine Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, because he’ll usher in the revolution. This is a Bad Take, Susan Sarandon, and we’ve all been trying to get away from those.


Carly Fiorina: People on the Terror Watch List Should Still Be Able to Buy Guns

On Thursday morning, aspiring politician Carly Fiorina appeared on Morning Joe to share some Republican talking points in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 dead. The most striking of which was the juxtaposition between her condemnation of Islamic terrorism and her attitude that people on the terror…