Cable News Chose to Air Footage of Trump's Empty Podium Instead of Clinton's Union Speech

This election season, the media has found itself wrapped up in a perpetual cycle of self-loathing and self-adulation. We are, by our own estimation, both acutely to blame for the rise of abandoned roadside ham hock Donald Trump, and unimpeachable public servants, guilty only of doing our job.

MSNBC Interviews Male Voters About How Hillary Clinton Handled Bill Clinton's Cheating

On Wednesday morning, MSNBC aired a segment featuring a group of five male voters (three Trump supporters and two “non-Trump supporters”) discussing whether or not they thought Hillary Clinton had properly dealt with her husband’s infidelity, because we all know that a thing never really happened unless a man has an…

Watch the Man From LBJ's Landmark Ad 'Confessions of a Republican' Discuss the Current State of the GOP

On Monday night’s episode of her show, Rachel Maddow excitedly introduced a man named Bill Bogert, the star of “Confessions of a Republican,” a famous, 4-minute political ad produced in 1964 for Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidential campaign. Bogert, whose 1964 self I will somewhat disrespectfully suggest is worthy of a …

Donald Trump Says Women Who Get an Abortion Must Have 'Some Form of Punishment'

Just when you think Donald Trump’s opinions about women and their rights had reached rocked bottom, he managed to quarry even further into some ring of hell that, until previously, only existed in Dante’s Inferno. On Wednesday, while speaking with Chris Matthews on MSNBC, Trump said that he believes abortion should be…

Here's Susan Sarandon Suggesting Donald Trump Might Be Better for the Country Than Hillary Clinton

Susan Sarandon went on All in With Chris Hayes Monday night, where she opined that maybe it would be better to vote for malfunctioning wind turbine Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, because he’ll usher in the revolution. This is a Bad Take, Susan Sarandon, and we’ve all been trying to get away from those.

Voicemails Reveal Donald Trump’s Cozy Relationship With the Liberal Media

Early Thursday morning, Gawker received an anonymous email with an attachment that purported to contain recordings from Donald Trump’s voicemail inbox. Among the recordings were messages left for Trump by various celebrities—most notably, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Tamron Hall.

Melissa Harris-Perry Sets MSNBC Ablaze On Twitter Amid Claims of Racial Inequity

Last week, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry boycotted her own MSNBC show because, she wrote in an open letter to her staff, she was tired of being sidelined. Her rift with the channel reached a breaking point in January over Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, which Harris-Perry had to fight to cover, and on Sunday MSNBC confirmed


MSNBC Officially Cuts Ties With Melissa Harris-Perry Over Beyoncé’s 'Formation' Video 

MSNBC has confirmed with The New York Times that the network and Melissa Harris-Perry have officially parted ways—and one of the main reasons for the break was over Beyoncé’s #BlackLivesMatter-themed music video for “Formation”—the same video made by a non-white person that white people just don’t seem to understand.