Wonder Woman Storms onto the 40th Anniversary Cover of Ms. Magazine

Ms. magazine has just turned 40, and their new cover features Wonder Woman, larger than life and arriving just in time to save us all from the War on Women. For the past few days, the editors have been teasing this cover, tweeting hints like: "This woman was born during WW II" and "She has her own Mac cosmetics line!"… »9/25/12 5:50pm9/25/12 5:50pm


Ms. Writer: Avoiding (Fashion) Magazines Is Good For Female Mental Health

The new issue of Ms. hits stands today and inside is a story about self-objectification, or "viewing one's body as a sex object to be consumed by the male gaze." More and more women are viewing themselves as sex objects, says Caroline Heldman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of politics at Occidental College, and it's… »4/29/08 12:00pm4/29/08 12:00pm

'Ms.' Magazine Celebrates Its 35th Anniversary...Yay?

Feminist quarterly Ms.—which "turned a movement into a magazine"—has released its 35th anniversary edition this week and, uh, does anyone really care? I mean, we should. It's a big milestone, but do you even know anyone who reads it? 'Cause we don't. Sadly, the content of the 35-year-old mag kind of parallels that of… »11/01/07 5:30pm11/01/07 5:30pm